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    Elden Ring: Smithing Stone 3

    In Elden Ring Smithing Stones are one of the most crucial item types in the game because you’ll be searching for them from the start of your trip through the Lands Between until virtually the very finish. Particularly when you leave the beginning area, they are essential for taking down challenging bosses. In this guide we will talk in detail about Smithing Stone 3; its locations, uses, and everything else.

    About Smithing Stone 3

    Elden Ring’s Smithing Stone 3 upgrade material. Equipment can be upgraded to a higher level with greater stats with Smithing Stone 3. You can level up your weapons, whether they are blades, staffs, shields, or spears, using smithing stones. You present Master Blacksmith Hewg at Roundtable Hold with these stones to enhance your weapons.

    These stones can be found while exploring, looted from specific locations inside a location, dropped by a particular enemy or boss, provided by an NPC, or purchased from a merchant.

    • Strength increased: +9
    • Unit Cost: 600
    • Tier Cost: 7,200
    • Total Cost: 14,400
    • Sell Cost: 300

    Locations of Smithing Stone 3

    Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel8Keep an eye out for yellow colored stones on the walls.
    Southeast of the Academy Gate Town grace3Inside the gazebo which has a statue. 
    Southwest of Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore grace3On a corpse sitting on a chair surrounded by flower enemies in the woods.
    West of Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore grace3Inside the gazebo which has a statue. 
    North of the Crystalline Woods grace3Inside the gazebo which has a statue. 
    Ruin-Strewn Precipice3In the caves
    Centre of Laskyar Ruins1On a corpse sitting outside the gazebo
    Academy Gate Town1On a corpse in the road near a Flame Chariot.
    Caria Manor1In the  cliffside graveyard
    Liurnia of the Lakes1At a gravesite where you fight Tibia Mariner
    Raya Lucaria Academy1On a corpse in the rooftops section
    Ainsel River3On a corpse behind the large stone building
    Ainsel River2On a corpse lying on the edge of one of the standing column structures
    Ainsel River caves1On a corpse in a dead end of caves
    Ainsel River1On a corpse in a mountain of bodies, surrounded by giant ants
    Ainsel River1On a corpse at the base of a ramp going up
    Nokron1One on a corpse on a ledge overlooking the water
    Night’s Sacred Ground1One in a room locked behind an imp statue
    Castle Stormveil1Around the southwesterly cliffs, one is on a corpse
    Castle Stormveil1On the right, above the spot where the Teardrop Scarab was, halfway down the hidden route next to the Secluded Cell site of grace, there is another one
    Redmane Castle1On a corpse at ground level behind the watchtower outside the castle.
    Redmane Castle1On a body on the building’s rooftop toward the southeast of the castle.
    Siofra River1One on a body that was perched atop a stone building
    Siofra River2Two are located next to the wooden scaffolding that was used to access the Abandoned Merchant

    Farming Locations of Smithing Stone 3

    South Raya Lucaria Gate
    • Bellum Church
    • South Raya Lucaria Gate
    • Impassable Greatbridge
    • Gael tunnel
    • The Radahn Soldiers sometimes drop Smithing Stone 2, 3, and 4.

    Buying Smithing Stone 3

    Twin Maiden Husks

    Start at the Altus Plateau in order to get to Leyndell, the capital city. Find the Sealed Tunnel, which is full of false barriers that will bring you deeper into the mini-dungeon, by searching along the extreme southern edge of the ravine beneath the walls.

    The Smithing-Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing 2 is located within the chest that is guarded by Vulgar Militia on the right side of the first main room. Pick it up as this is what we came here for. With this, you can return to the Twin Maiden Husks and purchase an endless supply of Smithing Stone 3 and Smithing Stone 4.

    This is all that we know about Smithing Stone 3. We have several Elden Ring guides so do check them out.

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