GamingRole-PlayingElden Ring: Nokron, Eternal City - How to reach it?

    Elden Ring: Nokron, Eternal City – How to reach it?

    The Eternal City is one of the most visually appealing places in the game, and it should be visited by every Elden Ring player on their journey to complete the game. Nokron is only accessible in the middle of the game, and most players will enter after acquiring numerous Great Runes. Let’s get into the in-depth guide about Nokron, Eternal City in Elden Ring.

    Nokron, Eternal City

    Elden Ring has a location called Nokron, Eternal City. The territory of Nokron, Eternal City is a huge city ruin located a level above the Siofra River. This underground location, like the Siofra River, has aspects that could be mistaken for an overland area, such as wildlife, growing vegetation, and a sky seemingly filled with stars.

    Defeating Boss and Unlocking the City

    To obtain access to the remaining areas of the Eternal City, you must vanquish Radahn. Here is a brief guide to that boss fight:

    • The boss fight takes place on a battleground on Caelid’s eastern shore.
    • Players must be level 60 or higher.
    • Start the fight with at least a +8 equipment improvement. Anything less than the aforementioned is almost hard to overcome Radahn.
    • The mechanics of this boss are simple to grasp, yet difficult to master and memorize. His attacks are heavy but his movements can sometimes surprise him with being fast so keep your eyes on his movements the most.
    • You can always activate the gold symbols in Radahn’s boss arena to call in NPC spirits to help you if you’re having difficulties beating him.

    Once Radahn is dead, a cinematic will play depicting a massive star collapsing somewhere near Limgrave. This should open up access to Nokron. It is only completely accessible after beating Starscourge Radahn so now you can go there.

    Location of Nokron, Eternal City

    Location of Nokron, eternal city

    For earlier access, you can get to Nokron by utilizing the Nokron, Eternal City Waygate situated at The Four Belfries in Liurnia of the Lakes. However, keep in mind that the Nokron, Eternal City Waygate only transports you to a limited section of the map with the option of fighting a Lesser Crucible Knight.

    If you want access to the entire Nokran, here’s how to do it. First defeat the Boss, Radahn and it’s the requirement needed to unlock this city. Once defeated players must go west from Fort Haight or south from Mistwood Outskirts to get to Nokron in Elden Ring. Travel on until you come across a huge crater near the Fort Haight West site of grace in the southern Mistwood Ruins.

    When you reach the enormous crater, cautiously follow the area’s inner ring to go to the bottom. Blood stains from other players who failed the jump are probably going to be all over the place, indicating their deaths. Make sure to gently descend from each ledge rather than jumping to the next one because Elden Ring’s fall damage rises with how long your character is in the air, not with how high of a height you jump from.

    You’ll encounter an open portal at the bottom of the crater. It will take you only a little distance to follow it to Nokron, the Eternal City. Eventually, you’ll reach an area where the screen will light up with the title “Nokron, Eternal City”. This is how you may reach this area.

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