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    Guide to Fish Monk in Dying Light 2

    With the news of the latest DLC stories in Dying Light 2, players have been eager to complete their quests. One of Dying Light 2’s more unique side quests has an appearance by a “Fish Monk.” The quest related to him is quite simple and can be done easily if you know what to do. It is basically a conversation and you need to know what to say and what not to. Well, this guide is here to tell you where he is and what the quest is, and how to solve this fish monk quest in Dying Light 2.

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    Location of fish monk

    After players have gained access to exploring Villedor, they can immediately begin the Fish Monk Side Quest. It can be found in the Trinity District’s North-Eastern region, directly close to a Trading Post. When he is reachable, his map will display the exclamation point icon, letting you know you can get in touch with him.

    He is seated close to a shack where a trader maintains his goods on a bench. As the area is safe, the conversation is risk-free and the quest can also be taken and completed without worrying about other underlying threats.

    If you’ve already gotten the Alder Windmill, you’ll be much closer to the target and can get to this location faster. It is a short distance to the northwest from the previous location (where you got Alder Windmill) and you can find the Fish Monk there. For a more exact location, check the map above.

    Complete the Quest

    Complete the Quest

    You must go around the trading post to find Stavros, a man sitting on a bench, in order to begin it. If you can’t find him during the day, go back after sunset to look for him because we found him then.

    When speaking with Stavros, choosing the right or white text may result in the failure of the mission. If a player wants to hear more of Stavros’ rants, they can choose the incorrect response anytime it appears in a conversation. This can be done without fail as the wrong answer just takes you to the start. If you want to finish the quest smoothly, keep choosing the yellow options and it will end easily.

    The task is essentially the dialogue and the conversation. Before moving on to the next stage, players are only required to listen to the conversation. What seems to be a desire for natural retribution is an effort to listen and learn.


    Reward for completing quest

    When Stavros and Aiden’s talk comes to a conclusion, the task is finished. Then, Stavros will hand Aiden his used fishing bait for the players to sell. This is the reward for completing this Fish Monk quest in Dying Light 2, a Stavros’ old fishing bait. This is not useful as there is no purpose linked to it. We can put it to rest though as there may be a connection and its use later on. Maybe one of the future quests will tell us its reason.

    Hopefully, this is easy to guide you through the quest. If you like it, check out our other gaming guides on our site Retrology.

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