GamingRoguelikeCrossover between Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together is coming

    Crossover between Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together is coming

    For the 10th anniversary of Don’t Starve together, Klei Entertainment announced a crossover between Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve franchise as a collaboration with Massive Monster, and Devolver Digital. This two-way collaboration bundle can be bought from Steam as an extension.

    The crossover of Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together was a surprise for both fandoms, but as far as the feedback is concerned, it is nothing but approval from players. The collaboration of Cult of the Lamb, a roguelike RPG, and Don’t Starve, a horror survival game was a unique choice that the developers claimed to have had their eyes on for a while. With both games having a similar mesh of 2D and 3D graphics and a spooky theme overall, it makes an excellent choice for both developers and players.

    New Crossover Addition

    In Cult of the Lamb, a new follower is added which is the Cult of the Lamb version of Webber from Don’t Starve. He transforms into a cute fusion of spider and child that follows the Lamb around. This unlockable character brings a trait with him “Don’t Starve” which lets him never die of hunger.

    For Don’t Starve, a new mode is also added called Patience. This spices up the survival mode, which leads to the player to keep losing health once it finishes. More decorations include a spooky style with pig heads on stakes and Don’t Starve-inspired background music.

    As the crossover is present in the Cult of the Lamb environment, you can find the Crown Trinket here. It can be found in the wet pouches from the Oasis Lake. Offer this unique trinket to the Antlion and in exchange, new blueprints.

    Don’t wait to get this extension as for a limited time, you can log into Don’t Starve Together and Cult of the Lamb and get items like rewards, character skins, and modes exclusive to this update.

    This is all that is available to know about this spooky collaboration between Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together and let’s see if more content is added to this. In the meantime, you can now check out this new RPG game with a cute aesthetic, Calico for a more calming vibe.

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