GamingPlatformerCeleste, the popular 2D platform game, is now available on Xbox Series...

    Celeste, the popular 2D platform game, is now available on Xbox Series X

    After Nintendo Switch and PlayStation, Celeste is now available for Xbox and PC users via Cloud. It can be now accessed on Xbox Series X for just $19.99. For a basic understanding of this game, here’s how the official site describes the game plot:

    “Help Madeline survive her inner demons on her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain, in this super-tight, hand-crafted platformer from the creators of multiplayer classic TowerFall.”


    Celeste is a narrative-driven adventure game with an interesting storyline and characters. It is a platform game with the nostalgia of 2D graphics. The game involves a fictional Celeste mountain which Madeline, the protagonist, is tasked to climb. This is also sort of a symbolism in which Madeline wants to overcome her fears by climbing the peak.

    Similarly, we even see her nightmare where she sees a reflection of herself who is much gloomier. This is the personification of her worry and depression, known as “Badeline” who constantly makes her journey difficult for her.


    Celeste’s control scheme is simple and very accessible. It contains actions like jumping, air dashing, and climbing with movement allowed in eight different directions. The stages get more complicated as you get further.

    Furthermore, you can get respawned easily from the last checkpoint, which will keep your focus without hindrance of any sort.

    For accessibility, the difficulty can also be adjusted accordingly. There is a specific “Assist Mode” which allows the player to play at a slower pace than normal. The dash ability also becomes easier and more consistent to use, which makes the game easier by a huge margin.

    The game consists of a whopping 700+ platform screens for 8 chapters with challenges with several secret stages. Along with that, there are 30 Xbox accomplishments that you can complete.

    More games that are coming to Xbox and PC this August (2023) are as follows:

    • A Short Hike
    • Airborne Kingdom
    • Broforce Forever
    • Limbo
    • Everspace 2

    With Celeste now released, get your Xbox controllers out and enjoy the journey of Madeline as she overcomes her fears, and you overcome a quite challenging game. Until then, keep checking the news on the latest games on Retrology.

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