Black Lagoon Eda, a new spin-off manga of the show’s CIA agent announced

    If you haven’t yet read or watched Black Lagoon yet then you are missing a true classic full of epic action sequences, incredible female characters, and tons of other stuff. Black Lagoon is a popular manga by Rei Hiroe that also got a decent anime adaptation of two seasons. Each season had 12 episodes and followed the main events of the manga. Not just that, but a five-episode OVA named Roberta’s Blood Trail was also released later on. Now, it has been announced that the CIA agent in Black Lagoon would also be getting a spin-off manga titled Black Lagoon Eda -Initial Stage-.

    The new manga would focus on the early days of the fan-favorite undercover agent, Eda who was the main part of the Roanapur’s church and acted as a nun. Black Lagoon Eda will be authored by Hajime Yamamura and will release on April 19th, 2022.

    Edith Blackwater, commonly known as Eda in the manga was surely one of the important characters. Although, she wasn’t one of the main characters like Revy and Rock, however, her role in the story and the ongoing events was crucial. As mentioned above, Eda was introduced as a rogue nun associated with a corrupt church. She seemed to have numerous connections with the underground as well. But later in the story, it was revealed she was in fact an undercover CIA agent keeping an eye on all of the operations.

    The upcoming manga would be interesting as it will revolve around the events before the main storyline, hence before Eda goes undercover. Let’s see what other past characters do we see in the spin-off. Nonetheless, we are quite hyped for a new Black Lagoon manga.

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