Best Lost Ark Skins for the players

    Lost Ark, developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate provides its players with numerous opportunities to put their creativity into use. One of the ways players express their inner creativity is by equipping their characters with exciting, contemporary skins! We have compiled a list of ten popular Lost Ark skins you cannot miss: 

    Popular Skins in Lost Ark

    Lost Ark is famous for offering its players a wide variety of skins, costumes, and items to choose from. However, there may be certain skins for certain classes. Some of these you might have to purchase while others can be gained as gifts or by completing events. Below are the best skins for players of the following classes/tiers:

    Punisher Skin (S Tier)

    Punisher Skin (S Tier)

    This skin comes with a weapon and shiny blue and golden armor. However, this viciously beautiful skin is not available to players of all tiers. Only the Paladin class can buy it. You can gain this one by buying a Founder’s Pack.

    Element Skin (A Tier)

    Element Skin (A Tier) Lost ark skins

    If you’re looking to gain some players’ attention in the game, this is certainly your go-to look. The Mage is a popular class in Lost Ark and anyone rocking this skin set is bound to attract players. It should be noted that it is mandatory to buy the whole skin set if you want to buy this skin. 

    Awakening Skin (A Tier)

    Awakening Skin (A Tier) Lost ark skins

    The Striker Awakening Hermit skin represents your character as an elemental god. With fire in one hand and water in the other, this skin is bound to impress a number of other players. 

    Gunslinger Cryptic Immortal Punisher Skin (A Tier)

    Gunslinger Cryptic Immortal Punisher Skin (A Tier) Lost ark skins

    If you’re a fan of subtly dressed characters with a nicely contrasting set of black and white, this is for sure the skin for you. It is also available for the Gunslinger class.

    Gunslinger Cryptic Judgement Skin (B Tier)

    Gunslinger Cryptic Judgement Skin (B Tier) Lost ark skins

    This look might be to the last one, i.e. the same black and white retro vibe going on with an additional hint of purple. As fascinating as this skin looks, you might want to go for one that offers better weapons next time. This is only available for Gunslinger class.

    Assassin Alar Skin (B Tier)

    Assassin Alar Skin (B Tier) Lost ark skins

    Even though single-toned looks are not what some players prefer often, this all-black skin might prove surprisingly beneficial for tasks like hunting, hiding from enemies, and moving in shadows. It is available for Death Blades and Shadow Hunters.

    Striker Male Alar Skin (B Tier)

    Striker Male Alar Skin (B Tier) Lost ark skins

    As mentioned previously, an all-black armor might not be what keeps the player’s attention in a grip, however, it is a decent-looking skin that comes with weapons so what’s not to like? This is available for the Striker class.

    Martial Artist Female Alar Skin (C Tier)

    Martial Artist Female Alar Skin (C Tier) Lost ark skins

    The skin even though looks pretty elegant, does not come close to the previous ones mentioned. But it’s still worth a shot. It is available for the Scrapper, Soulfist, and Wardancer classes. 

    Gunner Alar Skin (C Tier)

    Gunner Alar Skin (C Tier)

    This skin might appear dull to some while cool to others with its greyish hues. It is available for the Artillerist, Deadeye, Sharpshooter, and Gunslinger classes.

    Warrior Alar Skin (C Tier)

    Warrior Alar Skin (C Tier)

    This intricately designed skin might look good but it has its lacking points. However, if Viking Helmets are your style, then go for it! This is available for the Berzerker, Gunlancer, and Paladin classes.

    This was all on the most popular Lost Ark skins. If you think we have missed any then do let us know in the comments below. For more gaming content, stay tuned with Retrology. 

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