GamingRole-PlayingAll Maps in Elden Ring for you to find

    All Maps in Elden Ring for you to find

    Finding a map fragment opens up a piece of the map for exploration. Exploring around the world is important because enemies which drop special items can only be found in specific places. In this guide, we will tell you locations of all maps in Elden Ring so you can get a head start on adventuring and leveling up.

    1. West Lingrave

    map locations in Elden Ring

    The East and West Lingrave Map Fragments are one of the first map pieces you find in the game. The West Map Fragment is at the Gatefront Ruins, following straight from the path of the Church of Elleh. The map fragment is located under a pillar near an enemy encampment.

    2. East Lingrave

    map locations in Elden Ring

    The East Limgrave Map Fragment is located near a Minor Erdtree and a River Wall. This location is surrounded by giant bears so don’t go there if you are not a higher level.

    3. Weeping Peninsula

    map locations in Elden Ring

    The next map fragment is southwards from Castle Morne Rampart. The post under which the fragment is will be out in the open and guarded by roaming enemies.

    4. Caelid

    map locations in Elden Ring

    The next map fragment is past Caelem Ruins. Near the coast, past the Caelem Ruins Site of Grace you can find the map piece. Be cautious as there is a dragon nearby the area.

    5. Dragonbarrow

    map locations in Elden Ring

    From Dragonborne West make your way west of the map to the location marked in the image. Behind large rocks, you can find the post for the map fragment.

    6. East Liurnia

    map locations in Elden Ring

    To the northwest of the Lack-Facing Cliffs keep going to the north of Liurnia Lake Shore. The map can be found in a swamp-like area under a post.

    7. West Liurnia

    map locations in Elden Ring

    The next map fragment is easy to locate. It’s at the north of the Nothern Liurnia Lake Shore on the map.

    8. North Liurnia

    map locations in Elden Ring

    You can find the North Liurnia map fragment at the Academy Gate Town.

    9. Altus Plateau

    The ninth map fragment for this guide is located northeast of the Erdtree-Gazing Hill on the map. Make your way to the location marked on the map to collect the map piece.

    10. Mt. Gelmir

    Map for Mt. Gelmir is found on a pillar. The location is in front of the Road of Iniquity Site of Grace. Make your way to the location on the map to collect the map piece.

    11. Leyndell, Royal Capital

    From the Altus Highway Junction, make your way East on the map. Until you get to the Outer Wall Phantom Tree. The map post is located in the courtyard of the Phantom Tree.

    12. West Mountaintops of the Giants

    Heading away north of the Grand Rift of Rold, you will see the pillar for the map fragment of West Mountaintops of the Giants.

    13. East Mountaintops of the Giants

    Take the path between the Guardian’s Garrison and the Whiteridge Road. Keep heading south on the map until you find the pillar for the map fragment. After crossing a stone bridge you will find the pillar on the right of it.

    14. Siofra River

    When you enter the Siofra River area, make your way east on the map. Between some massive columns, there is a staircase to the east. The right pillar there has the map fragment.

    15. Ainsel River

    Starting from Ainsel River Well make your way downwards towards Uhl Palace Ruins. The map fragment is inside the building on which the enemy is sitting and throwing rocks to attack you. Dodge and take cover to save yourself from its attacks. Once inside the building its attacks cant hurt you can you can pick up the map piece too.

    Hope this guide was helpful in navigating the open-world game and getting all maps in Elden Ring. For more location guides as well as helpful tips to play Elden Ring better be sure to keep following our site.

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