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    All Eyeball Locations revealed in Shoma’s Somnium (AI: The Somnium Files – nirvanA Initiative)

    AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative is a visual novel type game. It isn’t fully playable and is more story-based but still gives you enough instances to control. There is a collectible, Eyeball and here, you will get all Eyeball Locations in Shoma’s Somnium.

    There are many other hidden stuff stashed around these area’s so make sure to fully cover any area under your control to collect them.

    What is Shoma’s Somnium?

    Shoma is a character in this game, and the location is again surveyed by Tama. She is the counter character for Kuruto Ryuki, 6 years in the future. She is an AI and aids him in his investigation.

    In this guide, we will take a look at Shoma’s or his father’s residence.

    All Eyeball Locations in Shoma’s Somnium

    Eyeball #1:

    Look towards where you came from and there would be an eyeball suspended in from of the entrance. There you have your first eyeball.

    Location of eyeball # 1, in front of door.
    Location of eyeball # 1, in front of the door.

    Eyeball #2:

    Walk towards the far end of the room. You will see a bunch of shelves placed on the ground. Crouch by the last one on the right and there will be the second eyeball in the corner.

    Location of eyeball # 2, by the shelf.
    Location of eyeball # 2, by the shelf.

    Eyeball #3:

    • Now you need to progress to the next level. interact with the pink coat hanging by the window.
    • Three options will be presented. Choose Joke and you will see Shoma. These choices will tell you what type of route you will follow.
    • No spoilers so I’ll just jump ahead. You’ll see Shoma’s model of his house in which everything is perfect. Interact with it.
    • The scenery will change and now you will be able to see the eyeball in the opening at the left side door. The third eyeball found.
    eyeball locations in Shoma's Somnium
    Location of eyeball # 3, on the left side door.

    Eyeball #4:

    Move towards the window where the coat was. On the left side of the coat location, you will see an eyeball outside the window. Don’t worry you can retrieve it from inside.

    eyeball locations in Shoma's Somnium
    Location of eyeball # 4, outside the window

    Eyeball #5:

    • For the last eyeball in this chapter, you have to reach the last stage. Go towards an area mostly covered by a big block.
    • There is a small opening where you need to go in.
    • Then stand in the middle of the weird emblem formation on the ground.
    • Here you won’t see the eyeball but if you press the button, you will get the fifth eyeball.
    eyeball locations in Shoma's Somnium
    Location of eyeball # 5, middle of the symbol (last stage)

    There you have it, all eyeball locations in Shoma’s Somnium. For more eyeball locations, check out All Eyeball Locations revealed In Amame’s Somnium – AI: THE SOMNIUM – nirvanA Initiative guide.

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