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    All Eyeball Locations In Kizuna’s Somnium in AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative

    AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative is an interactive game based on a well-constructed murder mystery in contrast to the difference in technology in time. Like any other game, it has a bunch of collectibles that don’t aid in the storyline but do offer points. Eyeballs are also collectible and can be searched throughout the gameplay. These aren’t easy to spot so this guide we will help you with all Eyeball locations Kizuna’s Somnium.

    What is Kizuna’s Somnium?

    Kizuna is another side character in this storyline, appearing first in Ryuki’s path as 18 years old. This place is based on her story and Kizuna’s Somnium is potentially her high school, Sekiba High, which she loves a lot, and the place where she plays is the ground outside of this high school.

    All Eyeball Locations In Kizuna’s Somnium

    This Somnium also has 5 eyeballs scarred around its premises. They can be anywhere within our plain sight or hidden somewhere with objects. Let’s not wait and get into their locations.

    Eyeball # 1

    The first eyeball can be found near the wall on the right side of the pink tree. If you move from the middle, then these directions would be accurate otherwise, the right can be changed with the left. So, start from the middle.

    Location of Eyeball (Kizuna's Somnium) # 1, near pink tree.
    Location of Eyeball # 1, near pink tree.

    Eyeball # 2

    Move straight ahead from the first eyeball along the wall. Stop by the green fake hill and there you will find the second eyeball sitting on the ground.

    Eyeball locations Kizuna's Somnium
    Location of Eyeball # 2, in front of green hill.

    Eyeball # 3

    Diagonal to the previous location, move ahead. You will soon see a purple gate on the opposite wall. Go near it and there would be the third eyeball sitting right in from of it.

    Eyeball locations Kizuna's Somnium
    Location of Eyeball # 3, purple gate.

    Eyeball # 4

    First, you have to attach the hour hand to the clock present in the playground. Then you can move towards the eyeball location.

    Look towards the right where the buildings are. There is an entrance door where you can go in. Look on the left wall of this door. Your fourth eyeball would be waiting there.

    Location of Eyeball # 4, school entrance gate.

    Eyeball # 5

    This is a long one so follow these choices:

    • Go on top of the green hill type thing and interact with the wheel present there.
    • Turn the wheel clockwise. This will move the book and the bubble will burst.
    • Let the events play out and as the story progresses, you will unlock Mental Lock 4.
    • Now go towards the back of the swings where the bubble was once and you’ll find the fifth eyeball.
    Eyeball locations Kizuna's Somnium
    Location of Eyeball # 5, behind swings.

    This is for all eyeball locations in Kizuna’s Somnium. For more guides do check out:

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