NewsReports say Bleach TYBW Arc will not release weekly episodes outside of...

    Reports say Bleach TYBW Arc will not release weekly episodes outside of Japan

    Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War is all ready to release in October 2022. Fans around the globe are excepting much more coming their way due to its popularity. But the bad news for international viewers is here. Bleach TYBW Arc weekly episodes might not be available for them. If you don’t live in Japan, then everything in this news is for you.

    Bleach TYBW Arc: Trailer and Storyline

    Bleach anime Thousand Year Blood War Arc from Tite Kubo’s manga series will continue from Season 17. It was first aired on 5th October back in 2004. It glued the audience’s eyes to its 16 seasons and 366 episodes. But fans didn’t have enough and wanted more.

    Finally, in March 2020 on the 20th anniversary of the Bleach project Weekly Shonen Jump shared surprising news for its fans that Season 17 is been animated. And at last, in December 2021, Shueisha and Viz released The Bleach TYBW Arc trailer without any spoilers. And another trailer on 2nd July.

    Bleach TYBW storyline will continue from where it left in Season 16. The Wandenreich will look forward to attacking the Soul Society which will be an ultimate war between the Shinigami and the Quincy. Ichigo, the soul reaper will go under extreme training levels to be strong enough to protect Soul Society and strike back.

    Bleach TYBW Arc will not be for international fans

    Reports are coming to the surface about Bleach: Thousand Year Blood will not be on Simulcast. If you didn’t know that, let us educate you about Simulcast. Simulcast is a platform where international viewers can watch Japanese weekly episodes on the same day.

    Crunchyroll is known for airing anime series. But Netflix and DisnyPlus have an ill-famed reputation for it. As it delays the episodes for weeks. This forces international anime lovers to look for pirate sites with bad quality, yet updated episodes to watch.

    From a reliable source(@JaymesHanson), Bleach will not be on Simulcast. But experts have predicted two options. One is there will be a delayed gap as compared to the Japanese broadcast schedule. And the second option is that maybe the platforms will release the whole arc at once after its entire 60 episodes are premiered in Japan.

    Till now, nothing is announced by the officials related to it. But the fans have their fingers crossed for the Simulcast. After all, Bleach TYBW Arc weekly episodes are being excepted to be on time as it is depicted as one of the most awaited seasons of the series. And for more anime and manga series, check the Entertainment page of Retrology.

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