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    Guide to Undecember Mage Starting Build

    A brand-new hack-and-slash ARPG, Undecember, has players become Rune Hunters and enjoy joining a range of Skill and Link Runes. Based on complex item and skill systems, the game offers a staggering amount of character customization options. Playing as a mage may be the ideal option for you if you enjoy using spells to deal a lot of damage. Here is a Undecember Mage Build article to get you started and get you through the process of selecting the right choices.


    You should concentrate on the barrier and spell damage values for your gear, in any manner you can find them, such as a higher % for critical rate. For the purposes of this build, any item that can fit with minion damage can also be helpful since your zodiac will emphasize the same statistics. Focus areas should be for dual-wielding wands including speed, gear critical rate, and spell damage. When possible, use armor with high fire damage, gear barriers, and high elemental damage.

    You can take some of your gear to the blacksmith and have it enchanted if you need to upgrade it.


    The Flamethrower will be this build’s primary DPS ability. You may channel Flamethrower while firing Fireballs by linking it with Fireball and a few support runes, which will boost its damage.

    Teleport, a movement-based rune that will enable you to evade unexpected harm coming your way, will be your main defensive essential. You will link Teleport with a Usage Increasing link rune because it only has a few applications.

    Summon Abyssling is a minion-based rune that you will also use regularly. It allows you to summon a unit that can tank and aggro damage while it is up so that you may concentrate entirely on increasing the damage you deal to the boss.

    The link runes for the minion should be centered on enhancing its survivability, for example by employing an armor-increasing link rune, as the minion’s job is to tank damage and buy time for you.


    For your Zodiac, your stats should prioritize similar things as your Equipment. The main points you’ll need to focus on are:

    • Take Intellect to the max. Three points will go toward intelligence, and one point will go toward strength.
    • Your health will grow if you put one point into Strength, and your barrier will be raised if you put one point into Intelligence.
    • Dexterity (Only if you feel like you need more for the runes)
    • For Cliff, you should concentrate entirely on spell damage in order to increase your DPS.
    • You’ll want to increase your Barrier and Mana supplies in the Wanderer section.
    • You should concentrate on the Fireline in the section on elemental damage. You will be directed to the critical rate line by the Fire Penetration and DMG, as well as from the center. You will frequently boost DMG when using a spell or a barrier.

    The trade-off of gaining more life is not as valuable as it could be because you are better at refining your speed and dodging while playing a mage. Keep in mind that in order to receive hits, you must also obtain a spell hit rate. If your hit rate is too low, it won’t matter how much damage you deal if your opponents easily dodge it.

    That’s all for the Undecember Mage Build guide about the different aspects needed to build it. For more guides, check out Undecember Guides on the site Retrology.

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