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    Guide to Fix 2618 Error in Tower of Fantasy

    Since the release of Tower of Fantasy, fans of this Aida world are increasing day by day. A giant fanbase of Tower of Fantasy was created overnight and doesn’t seem to stop. With pre-registration of up to three million, the flood of players brought the game to the spotlight. But this also caused a few technical issues as well. One of them is a 2618 error. If you’re also facing the same issue then this guide to Tower of Fantasy 2618 error fix is just right for you.

    Tower of Fantasy Guide: 2618 Error

    Tower of Fantasy has a huge ocean of players in a short span of time. 2618 error is one of the most common issues that the player faces. Luckily, this can be quickly resolved. And you can also fix this error quickly. Let’s begin with the root of the problem.

    What is the 2618 error?

    What is the 2618 error?
    What is the 2618 error?

    The 2618 error is the error caused to most of our players from around the world. This annoying error occurred to many players randomly. It mostly occurs when you try to log in. A number of players experienced it while trying to log in. These errors continue to reoccur multiple times. Hence, this error is known as the 2618 error. It occurs by continuous attempts to log in.

    What causes the 2618 error?

    The 2618 error code happens when you try to log in to a selected server online. While logging in, this popped message appears on your screen. Because the selected server already has many players waiting for it. Thus, the error message dims the screen and shows the prompted message. 

    How to fix the 2618 error?

    The bad news is there’s no specific method of resolving the issue. And the good news is there are plenty of ways to fix 2618 errors. Here are a number of possible solutions.

    The best way to fix this error is to wait patiently for a while. And then attempt to log in again. Hopefully, the load on the servers might have been reduced by then. Or you can select any other server. Else, you can try the most cliche solution – reload the game.

    Other possible solutions

    Other possible solutions
    2618 Error in Tower of Fantasy solution

    As a new player, you might be unaware of the server indicator on the login screen. These indicators are used to display the status of the servers. Thankfully, this helps a lot when you have to choose a server. Take a look at this list before you select your server.

    A green color icon as a server indicator is a good sign for you. This means the server has low players and is ready to welcome new players.

    The orange color of the server indicates the number of players is sufficient but it might be a bit tough to get into that specific server.

    The red color server indicator implies a straight no to any more players. It already has a lot of players and has no more room for a new one.

    So, we recommend choosing the server with the green indicator. And leave the long queues of waiting to enter any server. Make sure to remember that you can’t swap servers in the middle of the game. So, if your character is struck or has an uncompleted quest, you have to wait till it’s free.

    This is our ultimate guide to the Tower of Fantasy 2618 error fix guide. And if you’re facing any other kinds of errors, go through the guides page for a solution and get them fixed.

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