GamingPlatformGuide to defeat the Squid Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

    Guide to defeat the Squid Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

    Sonic Frontiers is filled with boss enemies and long paths to cross. There will be many deadly creatures known as Guardians that will block your path and cause you problems. The guide to defeating Sonic Frontiers Squid Guardian is here in detail for your help and assistance. Come along to get the guidelines.

    In Sonic Frontiers, you will face various bosses and will cross your way in different orders. In this open world, there are new and latest changes in the combat system that makes the gameplay even more fun and entertaining. You will face a mini-boss with a huge glowing purple tail named Squid Guardian. This is the boss enemy that you need to defeat. You just need speed and power-packed punches. You can do it with proper strategy and I’ll help you with it.

    How to defeat Squid Guardian

    How to defeat Squid Guardian in Sonic Frontiers
    How to defeat Squid Guardian in Sonic Frontiers

    To find Squid Guardian, you need to search for it on your map. Check the map with the red crossed swords icon. This icon is the location of your enemy and will lead you there. Here is the speed I required. Reach faster to your enemy.

    Squid Guardian will be on Kronos Island. As you reach there, you will see a large pink kite. It will be huge enough for you to be seen. It will be even more visible to you once the draw distance reduces. Once you reach it, you can start the battle. 

    To start the battle, reach to it and jump up to its tail. You will see a small cutscene. As the cutscene is over, you will be pushed in his path that looks like a paintbrush. The giant will create a path in front of you in front of the world. You have to follow and it won’t be easy anyway. Here, you have to protect yourself.

    You will have to dodge the projectiles and move from side to side. Keep protecting yourself from potential damage. Also, stay focused on your mission. Your objective is to reach the head of the enemy. You won’t like to die by taking all the damage.

    As you reach there, keep repeating the head hits to push the enemy to the second stage. Here, Sonic will shift its forms. This will make you change your attack mode which gives you huge head hits in the middle of the head. Keep repeating till it’s down and finally defeated. 

    Great work! You have completed a boss enemy level.  Good job! Sonic Frontiers has many enemies that will be waiting for the challenges to begin. With the proper strategy, you can get all of them down. In case you love other fun and adventurous games, check the Gaming page of Retrology. 

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