GamingRole-PlayingGTA Online Halloween Event: All Jack O Lantern Locations

    GTA Online Halloween Event: All Jack O Lantern Locations

    Halloween is around the corner. And GTA Online has to keep up with the trend. In the city of Los Santos, your mission is set now. Trick-and-treating rituals begin. GTA Online Jack O Lantern guide will help you enjoy your Halloween. And also, complete this mission with a bucket full of treats. Let’s step out for the treat and guide both.

    GTA Online: Jack O Lantern

    This Halloween challenge is spooky and scary. And here is your mission of the day. You have to collect 10 pumpkins from different locations. These locations will be widely spread across Los Santos city. In the air of Halloween, let the pumpkin spice spread in the air, and get ready to collect your rewards. The rewards include rare items and bonus GTA$. But the most special one is the Halloween special – Horror Pumpkin Mask.

    Locations of all Jack O Lanterns in GTA Online

    Locations of all Jack O Lanterns in GTA Online
    Locations of all Jack O Lanterns in GTA Online

    Most of them can be found easily as they are located closely. So, sit back stress-free and come along to know the locations. It’s up to you to use your luxury car or if you want to stay on foot. The rewards will vary. Some of the pumpkins will be given to you as treats which are mostly cash. While others will give you tricks to use, such as shock damage.

    Let’s start with the location marked on the map above.

    First and Second Lanterns

    Reach the Grove Street. There you will see two pumpkins placed right in front of the porch. They are very easily spotted because of their bright orange color.

    Third Lantern

    The next pumpkin will be on Covenant Avenue. Now, head towards Brouge Avenue. Take a left. And to reach Covenant Avenue take the first right. You have reached there. You can get the pumpkin placed in front of the house.

    Fourth Lantern

    This is very close to the last one. Reach the end of the street. And look on the southeast side of Covenant Avenue. A pumpkin will be placed beside the house around the corner.

    Fifth Lantern

    For the fifth one, you have to travel to Dutch London Street. Look out for houses from Dutch London Street and the alleyway. There you will see the house with a pumpkin. Grab it.

    Sixth Lantern

    Head to Jamestown Street. You will see a lantern placed under a tree. Be careful while picking it. As it’s planted to blow you up.

    Seventh Lantern

    The seventh pumpkin will be close to an apartment complex. Reach Dutch London Street and look for a complex. As you locate the complex, it will be very easy to see the pumpkin. Collect it too.

    Eighth Lantern

    Move inside the alley that is on the southeast side of Dutch London Street. You need to find another apartment complex in that area. Once you spot it, collect it. But let me tell you that lantern will convert you to a crow.

    Ninth Lantern

    For this one, you need to head toward Jamestown Street. Enter the northwest side. You will see a lantern placed on the porch of the house.

    Tenth Lantern

    Head to the road till the next block. Enter the northeast area. And look for houses between Macdonald Street and Jamestown Street. There will be a lantern placed there.

    Great job! You have completed GTA Online Jack O Lantern challenge. And collected all the 10 lanterns that you need. Keep going!

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