Sifu Tower Collectibles locations for you to find (Knowledge Greed Trophy)

    Sifu is a new action-adventure video game available on Epic Games Store. With an engulfing story and detail to kung fu style combat, Sifu has been getting positive reviews left and right. There are many trophies for gathering collectibles in the game. We have compiled all of Tower’s detective board’s collectibles, to unlock the Knowledge Greed Trophy. Keep reading to find the locations of all Sifu Tower Collectibles.

    1. Art Auction

    The first collectible in the tower is going to be the Art Auction. You can find the flyer in the tower lobby after the reception and before you get into the elevators. Head inside the room on the left and grab the item from the table against the wall.

    2. Elevator

    The second collectible is going to be the Elevator. For this one interact with the elevator on the right side in the tower lobby. It will pop up on your detective board.

    3. Jinfeng’s Computer

    The third collectible is going to be Jinfang’s Computer. After you go up in the elevator and meet Jinfang, interact with her computer and it will be added to your detective board, hence adding more to your Sifu Tower Collectibles list.

    4. Jinfeng’s Safe

    The fourth collectible is Jinfeng Safe so in order to get this one you have to grab the USB drive from the tech guy in the club. Interact with Jinfeng’s computer again after you have that USB drive a safe will open up on the right side with two items inside that will get you Jinfeng’s safe.

    5. Artist’s Key

    One of the two collectibles inside the safe is the artist’s key. You can find this one inside Jinfeng’s safe after you’ve used the USB drive from the tech guy on her computer.

    6. The Guardian’s Vow

    The next one will be the Guardian’s Vow so you can find this one inside Jinfeng’s safe as well after you use the USB from the tech guy on her computer.

    7. The Sanctuary

    The seventh collectible after that is going to be The Sanctuary. You can find this flyer in the room with the enemies. Once you take all of them down the screen will blink and showcase a logo that looks like half of the sun. If you approach the table underneath you’ll see the flyer on top.

    8. The Rift

    The eighth collectible is unmissable, It’s called The Rift. This is obtained automatically after the encounter on the elevator shaft. You will get this while progressing the story so you cannot miss this.

    9. A Conspiracy

    The next collectible is A Conspiracy this is obtained automatically once you enter the room with the first mini-boss in the underground area of the tower. This is not a missable collectible as you need this to progress in the story.

    10. Elevator Keycard

    The last collectible is an Elevator Keycard. This will be obtained automatically once you defeat the second miniboss in the underground area of the tower. Once you get this collectible the trophy should pop up and it’s all yours.

    That is all the Sifu Tower Collectibles locations. Hopefully, we were helpful in guiding you to unlock the Knowledge Greed Trophy in Sifu.

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