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    Genshin Impact Future Star Location Day 5

    Durign other updates, we took part in activities such as destroying the Bedrock Keys The Genshin Impact 3.1 update brings you many fun events and quests to complete. One of these quests available for a limited time is the Star Seeker’s Sojourn event. 

    In this task, Banu requires you to search for Future Star locations on behalf of using a gadget to find out the location of each star. After finding each star’s location, you also have to solve a puzzle to gain the star. 

    The event is spanned across days lasting from October 21, 10:00 server time to October 31, 03.59 serve time. The Day 5 Future Star location holds importance as it is also the second to last one you can get your hands on. 

    This quest is not just fun to complete but also will reward you in the form of Primogems, hero’s wit, and talent level-up materials. In this guide we will lead you to Genshin Impact Future Star location Day 5:

    Banu’s Wisdom

    Access the event from quickstart on the event page. Make sure your Adventure Rank is 30 or above to enter the event. Your task will begin as soon as you speak to Banu who will be waiting for you east of Pardis Dhyai in Sumeru. She will then give you “Banu’s Wisdom” to enable you to find the Future Stars.

    Banu’s Wisdom is an important gadget that helps you spot the stars in your vicinity. It points towards the stars by displaying a cone of orange beam which gets narrower as you approach closer to the Future Star’s location. So make sure to locate and activate the Star Trail, and follow it to find the Star location.

    Future Star Day 5 Location

    To find this Future Star at the wind’s end, you will have to head over to the oasis near Dar al-Shifa in the Land of Lower Setekh. 

    Teleport yourself to the waypoint there and then glide down to the vista spot on the oasis’ northern shore where you will come across a yellow light.

    Genshin Impact Future Star

    Unlike the last puzzle you encountered on Day 4, this one will be pretty straightforward to complete. Once you’ve reached the light, you will spawn three waves of Fungi enemies. The first two waves consist of normal fungi you would have encountered before somewhere in the rainforest or the desert. 

    Genshin Impact Future Star

    However, the third wave includes fungi that can fly. Do not worry as the key to getting rid of these is to stay on your toes and keep moving around to avoid the Elemental attacks the fungi will hit you with. Use elemental reactions to deal with additional damage.

    Genshin Impact Future Star

    After you have successfully defeated these enemies, take a trip into the oasis and make your way toward the island northwest of the fishing location. This is where you will find the Future Star by following the Star Trail beam. 

    Genshin Impact Future Star

    This is all about the Genshin Impact Future Star Location Day 5. For more helpful guides, keep following Retrology

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