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    Best Yelena Memes from Attack on Titan

    One thing that blew up the internet from Attack on Titan’s Season 4 Episode 18 was Yelena’s face when she looked at Armin. A lot of fans have made countless memes about it. Somewhere in the middle of the episode, Armin was talking to Mikasa, Jean, and others about how they would have to take the side of the Yeagerists for now. They needed to save Eren and help him reach Zeke. When he suddenly turned around Yelena was watching him with a manic expression that horrified viewers. Her expression changed and turned into a smile and she told Armin to protect everyone. However, that expression turned out to be very comical and we have a lot of meme content because of it.

    In case, you missed the easter eggs in Episode 78 of Attack on Titan, also check out those. Well, now without further do let’s go through the best Yelena memes from Attack on Titan.

    1) Yelena teacher meme

    We all can relate to this meme on a personal level. You are just laughing with your friends and they suddenly stop laughing. You at once wonder what is the matter and you turn around to see your teacher standing behind you. We all know what happens after that.

    2) Yelena episode reaction meme

    Season 4 of Attack on Titan is finally streaming across platforms after a lot of waiting. Whenever a new episode comes out we all are really excited and happy. But as soon as the realization hits that only 10 episodes are left we can relate to this meme a lot.

    3) When you touch wet food in the sink

    This meme is pretty self-explanatory. The horrific feeling when this happens cannot be put into words.

    4) What the last chip sees

    It does not get any better than this. We have all seen memes about the last chip sees when you peek into the container but this one just fits so perfectly.

    5) Yelena as Hinata

    The Hinata we never asked for.

    6) Photos expectations vs reality Yelena meme

    This just hits too close to home. Imagine every time you are trying to pose for a photo and this is how it turns out.

    7) Yelena as Jotaro

    If JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures wasn’t already weird enough.

    8) Yelena as Shoyo

    Haikyuu!!, because why not?

    9) Yelena as a demon from Demon Slayers

    Even an Upper-Rank Demon fits Yelena’s face!

    10) Yelena as the Colossal Titan

    Yelena looked so terrifying to some fans that they edited her expression on the Colossal Titan.

    11) Yelena memes are everywhere

    Every social media we login into nowadays has memes of this horrible expression. Let it be on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook Yelena memes are everywhere.

    12) Yelena mask meme

    Here we have a meme where Yelena is with a mask looking at Armin and asking him where is his mask. Not going to lie everyone who still does not wear a mask should be shown this meme.

    13) If someone says Gabi is their favourite character

    Imagine someone telling you that they love Attack on Titan and then they go on to tell you that Gabi is their favorite character. We’re sure that this will exactly be your reaction.

    14) Yelena as Zenitsu

    This must be Zenitsu looking at Tengen when he revealed that he had three ninja wives.

    This is all of the best Yelena memes from Attack on Titan. Be sure to check out our Animation and Manga sections. We also cover a lot of reviews and news. Keep following Retrology!

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