Oculus Quest 2 showing black screen? Problem Solved!

    VR technology is still new to humankind and doesn’t have many upgrades. There aren’t as many options for VR out there but the ones that are present just swap your reality, literally. The brand, Oculus, came out with VR sets which are the most popular VR products in the world.

    Oculus Quest 2 showing a black screen is not unheard of but it can be solved depending on what type of issue it is.

    What is the Problem?

    With many games made for VR in recent years, it quickly got people’s attention and thus got its popularity. But this comes with cons as the more a gadget comes into everyday use, it starts to have issues.

    A black screen or dead screen is an issue in Oculus Quest 2 which completely block the user out. Of course, you can’t see anything so how would you control it. So, today we will tackle this problem and discuss the ways you can deal with it.

    How to solve Oculus Quest 2 black screen?

     Guide of button placement on Oculus Quest 2 VR headset.
    Guide of button placement on Oculus Quest 2 VR headset

    Try reboot

    Sometimes the device just takes a while to start up or something just doesn’t perform well in its system. Rebooting is the part of using technology so give it a try.

    To do this, press and hold the power button for 30 to 60 seconds. When the LED light turns white, you can release the power button. This indicates that the device has undergone a hard reboot. Maybe this will solve it and you won’t have to scroll further.

    Use the Phone to connect to the headset

    Another way to see if your headset is even working is to try and connect your phone to the headset. If it connects to the device, launch a game and see if this turn on the headset. If yes, then the problem may be temporarily on the start screen.

    Charge your device

    It happens that sometimes, unconsciously, you forget to plug the device for charging wrong or lose which in turn doesn’t charge it at all. Or even the power switch or cable can be of the problem so check them too.

    This is a common mistake and with a busy schedule, it can happen. To be sure that the device is being charged, look for the light indicator. If it doesn’t light up, try changing the cable. Still facing the problem, look further.

    Software Update

    We all know that every device goes through the tedious process of software update every once in a while. So wait for a good thirty minutes and then see if it still has a problem.

    Launch boot menu

    To launch the boot menu, hold the power button and volume down button at once for 15 to 20 seconds. This will open the boot menu. Navigate with volume buttons to the option of Exit and Reset Device.

    Perform Factory Reset

    If everything fails, a factory reset is the only option you have left if you want to solve things on your own. You can do this from the app on your mobile or from the headset itself.

    To perform a factory reset from the phone: 

    • Open the Oculus app on your smartphone. 
    • Press Settings in the menu at the bottom. 
    • Tap the headset connected to your smartphone. 
    • Select other settings. 
    • Tap Initialize data, then tap Reset. 

    To perform a factory reset from your headset: 

    • Turn off the headset.
    • Press and hold the headset’s power button and volume down button at the same time until the home screen loads into the headset.
    • Use the headset’s volume button to choose the factory reset and press the power button. 
    • Use the headset’s volume button to choose Yes and confirm with the power button.

    Contact Oculus Customer Support

    If nothing works, the last thing you can do is contact the customer support for Oculus Quest 2 VR and ask for their aid. Oculus Support is unlikely to give you extra concepts for this specific matter, but it is better to contact them as it’s your last resort. Also, you can check on its warranty and return it or turn it up to the place you bought it from for more information.

    I hope you solve your problem and can go into the VR world as soon as you can. Meanwhile check out the new Meet Xbook One X – a laptop version of the console, Xbox One X from our website.

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