Guide to find all Isle of Skye Wealth in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

    Assassin’s creed Valhalla is a role-playing action game. Many treasures and artifacts are hidden throughout the game. We have compiled a guide to finding all the Isle of Skye Wealth in AC Valhalla.

    Wealth 1/9 – Tungsten Ingot

    First wealth can be found at Arnish Deadlock. Inside a hut, there is a treasure chest with a tungsten ingot in it.

    Wealth 2/9 – Tungsten Ingot

    Second wealth can be found at kilta aglen. You can obtain a key outside in a tree and use it to unlock the chest hidden under the wooden planks inside the hut.

    Wealth 3/9 – Tungsten Ingot

    Third wealth can be found in Iron brew mines. The Tungsten ingot chest is hidden behind wooden crates on a platform.

    Wealth 4/9 – Tungsten Ingot

    To collect the fourth tungsten ingot, you need to go to the location marked on the map. Near the old stone ruin, you will get the key.

    Now take the key to the next location and unlock the house with the key to collect the wealth from the chest.

    Wealth 5/9 – Spear of Leonidas

    Fifth wealth can be found at Dun Ardtreck. On the top of a hill, there is an enemy camp. Get past the enemies and collect the Spear of Leonidas from the treasure chest.

    Wealth 6/9 – Tungsten Ingot

    Sixth wealth can be found at isay bandit camp. On the island, there is a treasure chest hidden under the stone platform. It can be broken by throwing a flaming barrel on it.

    Wealth 7/9 – Tungsten Ingot

    Seventh wealth can be found at camp quiraing. The tungsten ingot is under the red tent in a treasure chest.

    Wealth 8/9 – Tungsten Ingot

    Eighth wealth can be found in the lowest level of the mines at the marked location on the map. Keep descending in the mines until you reach the bottom there you will find a treasure chest with tungsten ingot in it.

    Wealth 9/9 – Hero’s Sword

    For the Ninth and final wealth, go to Duntulm Camp. Inside the red tent get the Duntulm camp chest key. Go to the stone ruins and after defeating the enemies open the treasure chest with the key to get the Hero’s Sword.

    Hope this guide was helpful in finding all the Isle of Skye Wealths in AC Valhalla. FOr more guides like this make sure to follow Retrology.

    Mofeeza Masood
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