Guide to Complete The Ultimate Ranger Challenge (Nobody Saves the World)

    Nobody saves the World is a role-playing adventure-indie game published and developed by
    DrinkBox Studios. The game was released on 18th January 2022 and has received very positive reviews until now. It has single-player and multiplayer modes. Recently, we covered how to protect bunny in Cloud Canyon in Nobody Saves the World and in this guide, we’ll tell you how to complete the ultimate ranger challenge in Nobody saves the World.

    System Requirements (Minimum)

    Processor: 2Ghz+
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Shader Model 5.0 (DX11) support + 2 GB available graphics memory required. 
    DirectX: Version 11

    System Requirements (Recommended)

    Processor: 2Ghz+
    Memory: 1 GB RAM
    Graphics: Dedicated graphics card with 2 GB+ video memory and Shader Model 5.0 support.
    DirectX: Version 11

    How to Complete The Ultimate Ranger Challenge

    First of all, you need all the archer abilities to complete this challenge.

    1st Wave

    The first wave will come from the left side. Now pre-aim to hit 3 dash right to hit the last 2 circular boards. By doing this you will pass the 1st wave and make it to the next one.

    2nd Wave

    During the 2nd wave start on the right and stay mostly in the middle to attack. This will allow you to aim better and hit the targets. The circular boards will come from left and right one by one.

    3rd Wave

    When the 3rd wave comes. 5 circular boards will come from the right. Pre-aim to hit 3 dashes to hit the last two ones. They will be stacked behind each other in left right left. If you run to them that will help.

    4th Wave

    The 4th wave is by far the hardest wave with 3 consecutive targets of 5 circular boards from the right, then left, and then again right. Apply the strategy of hitting 3 in 1 shot and 2 in the other shot. Consistency may take a bit of practice but you will eventually get there.

    This is all on the ultimate ranger challenge in nobody saves the world. Also, check out our Gaming and Guides sections. We also cover a lot of reviews so keep following Retrology!

    Amel Aamer
    Amel Aamer
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