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    Guide to all the mystery shards location in F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow Torch

    Forged in Shadow Torch more commonly called “F.I.S.T” is an amazing video game that is a mix of the Metroid and Castlevania genres. The game is developed by TiGames and is published by Bilibili. It can be played on PlayStation 4 as well as 5 and on Microsoft Windows. 4 mystery shards need to be obtained in the game.

    Legion of Machines attacked and colonized Torch City, which was originally inhabited by animals, six years ago. Rayton, the former soldier of the War of Resistance, has been in seclusion ever since. After his friend was forcibly arrested, Rayton regains his mechanical fist and sets off to fight back. He never expects to be involved in any major plan between the Mafia, the Rebellion, and the Legion.

    The detailed and automatically loading game map makes Torch City ethereal.

    In this guide, we will tell you the location of all the mystery shards in this game.

    1st Location

    • Go the Jingles’ shop
    • Select the “Buy” option
    • From The Shop select “HP Extract 50
    • Select the Mystery Shard costing 1200 coins.
    • Lastly, Confirm purchase.

    2nd Location

    • Firstly, find the 32 Plant Seeds.
    • Secondly, deliver them to Pippin.
    • Now, select the option “Give Plant Seed“.
    • Obtain the 2nd mystery shard from Pippin as a reward.

    3rd Location

    • Firstly, go to the Noodle House.
    • Keep eating noodles till you unlock the “Cabbage Noodles“.
    • Select “Eat Noodles”.
    • Select Cabbage Noodles costing 888 coins.
    • Confirm your purchase.
    • Now, finish the Cabbage Noodles.
    • Finally, Chuan will reward you with the third mystery shard.

    4th Location

    • To begin with, go to Master Wu.
    • Complete the Master Traning.
    • Now, Master Wu will compliment you for your commendable skills.
    • Lastly, for completing the Master Training your reward will be the final mystery shard.

    These are all the locations for the mystery shards which Rayton needs to obtain in the game.

    This was all regarding the mystery shards’ location in F.I.S.T. We hope that this will help you. For more guides like these keep following Retrology.

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