Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island All Unwritten Tales Locations

    Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island has six Unwritten Tales for the Common Courtesy trophy. They vary from other tales in a way that they do not have map markers, waypoints, or get added to your journal. There’s also no in-game tracker for them, which makes them so tough and challenging to find. 

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    Only the six Unwritten Tales listed below are needed for the trophy. They are as following:

    • Bury Captain
    • Help Beekeeper
    • Help Kodama at Burned House
    • Help Drowning Peasant
    • Secret Archery Challenge
    • Legends Mode Tale

    All these quests take only a minute in which you help some side characters around Iki Island in Ghost of Tsushima. So let’s begin with it.

    Bury Captain

    It is located at the northern beach of Iki Island where your ship crashed and you can bury the captain. A cutscene drops, specifying that the tale is resolved.

    Help Beekeeper

    It is situated in the West of Iki Island in the area called “Old Gambler’s Wood”.  There you can talk to a beekeeper in front of his house. Then numerous waves of Mongols will try to attack the beekeeper’s place. You have to kill all the Mongols and talk to the Beekeeper again to get a cutscene.

    Helping Kodama at Burned House

    You have to Interact with the banner at the burned house, from there the cutscene will start and a woman called Kodama will talk to you. Follow her and she’ll point uphill towards the purple-leafed trees where you’ll find many Mongols. Defeat them in any possible way you can. Then you will hear Kodama laughing if you succeed.

    Then return to the burned house. There Kodama will have left some supplies and a scroll that says “If a man is to heal, so must the land”.  To finish the Tale make sure you complete all of the steps and get the scroll at the end.

    Help Drowning Peasant

    It is situated at Buddha’s Footprints in the south of Iki Island. There you can find some Mongols drowning the peasants in a lake. Defeat the Mongols to save the peasant. It will trigger a cutscene where you rescue the peasants.

    Secret Archery Challenge

    It is located at Raider Memorial. To get started you first have to complete at least one Archery Challenge. After finishing at least one Archery Challenge you’ll see a man standing near the bow rack.

    Now to get the Archery Challenge from the man you have to wear the Tadayori’s Armor which was unlocked in the main game by completing the Mythical Tale “The Legend of Tadayori“. Complete his Archery Challenge with a bronze rating. This will end in a short cutscene after the Challenge is completed.

    Legends Mode Tale

    It is positioned in Yahata Forest. First, you have to complete the Legend Mode Story. Then head over to Yahata forest talk to Uta, who is sitting in a hut there. First, she will ask you to look for Gyozen, the Blind Historian of Legends. Then in your second meeting with her you tell her, about the Legend Mode Story.  

    If you cannot talk to her in the second meeting it means that you don’t have adequate story progress in the Legend Mode. In that case, play the Legend Mode and try again later. But if she hands you the White Kitsune Mask, it means you did everything perfectly.

    That’s all of the Unwritten Tales in Ghost of Tsushima Iki Island. After completing all six of them you’ll earn the Common Courtesy trophy.

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