GamingRole-PlayingDiablo Immortal Challenge Rifts Tips & Guide for beginners

    Diablo Immortal Challenge Rifts Tips & Guide for beginners

    Developed by Blizzard Entertainment Diablo Immortal is finally here, and it is definitely one of the most anticipated games of June 2022. This guide is for Diablo Immortal Challenge Rifts Tips, and we will address all the questions you have regarding them in this guide.

    After just weeks of its release, Diablo Immortal has already made its way to the screens of many players because of its vibrant art style, destructible environment, unique characters, and all other things that have added to this new installment. Some new bosses and challenges have also been introduced in this latest installment, one such challenge is challenge Rifts.

    Now, without any further ado, let’s jump right into the Rifts.

    What are Challenge Rifts?

    Diablo Immortal Challenge Rifts Tips
    Diablo Immortal

    Challenge Rifts are PvE combat zones that can be performed solo or in groups. These challenges become increasingly difficult as you travel through the stages. Players must reveal and fight the Rift Guardian as quickly as they can to gain rewards such as Gold, Hilts, Enigmatic Crystals, and Legendary items. As you ascend the leaderboards, the faster you accomplish them, the more rewards you’ll win.

    How to Unlock and Access Challenge Rifts?

    Diablo Immortal Challenge Rifts Tips
    Diablo Immortal

    To unlock Challenge Rifts in Diablo Immortal, you must first finish the main questline, which includes Wortham and Ashwold Cemetery. You will then arrive at a new location in the game known as “Westmarch.” When you arrive, look for an obelisk in the Palace Courtyard.

    To access the Challenge Rift, simply interact with the Obelisk. The entrance to the Challenge Rifts is just to the right of the Elder Rift entrance. Once you’re at the menu The Challenge Rift Leaderboard, Rewards, and Difficulty Level will be displayed here. Simply press the “Enter” button in the bottom-right corner of the menu to enter a Challenge Rift.

    Completing Challenge Rifts and Beginner tips

    Diablo Immortal Challenge Rifts Tips
    Diablo Immortal

    The Difficulty Level is the first item you should set in this menu. Unlike previous Diablo games, you will not be able to choose the level you wish to play right away.

    Once you have started the challenge your main goal is to eliminate the enemies as quickly as possible. As your progress, your progress bar fills, and you will be notified that the Rift Guardian has appeared. The entire run must be finished in 10 minutes for a successful clear.

    The Rift Guardian will appear faster if you clear the dungeon quickly. To win a one-time reward, you must defeat these mini-bosses before the timer runs out. Defeating these mini-bosses marks the end of the rift and raises your rift challenge level, allowing you to tackle the next level of difficulty. Here are some Diablo Immortal Challenge Rifts beginner Tips that you should keep in mind.

    Monster Combat Rating / ORDR

    There are a total of 100 Challenge Rift Difficulty Levels, with each level raising the Monster Combat Rating. Here you have to make sure that your ORDR is either close to, equal to, or higher than the Monster’s ORDR. If you have an ORDR much lower than the ORDR of monsters then it’s going to be extremely difficult and quite impossible for you. However, if you have a much higher ORDR then you will totally destroy the challenge.

    Complete Tiers in order

    If you have somehow defeated the monster on any level quite dominantly then there is a chance that you will unlock many upcoming tiers all at once. Here make sure that you do not rush towards the highest by skipping the rest, because after a while you will have to come back to complete those challenges anyway. You also get rewards at every tier so it’s better to complete them first.

    Rifts don’t increase experience

    Since Rifts do not increase experience make sure that you only play rifts when you want to push to the next tier or if there is a new one to clear.

    Aim for the leaderboards

    If you are not competing for the leaderboards then Rifts are not worth spending your time and money on. The bonuses you get on leaderboards in something that all the players aim for because they are the true incentives. So if you have an ORDR much lower than the Monsters right at the beginning, you cannot make it on top of leaderboards and should stick to other challenges like Elder Rifts.


    When you’ve progressed far enough into the Challenge Rift Difficulty Level and the Monster Combat Rating has surpassed yours, you can try “Fishing,” You can enter and depart the Challenge Rift as many times as you wish. When fishing the monsters, Guardian boss, zone, and pylons are also randomly generated.

    You can use fishing to try to determine the perfect Challenge Rift before attempting it. All you have to do is enter and leave the Challenge Rift several times until the zone and pylons are ideal, and the enemies and Guardian boss are as simple as possible.


    When you reach a certain point in the game, a Pylon will appear, providing you with several very helpful bonuses. Conduit, Frenzied, Fleeting, Alchemical, and Empowered are the five varieties of Pylons in Challenge Rifts.

    Conduit is probably the most useful Pylon since it allows you to fire lightning from your body, dealing damage to numerous targets at the same time. This pylon is ideal to use when there are many mini-bosses around you so you can kill them all at once and see your progress bar shooting right away.

    Frenzied boosts your Critical Hit Chance, Fleeting boosts your Movement Speed, Alchemical freezes foes, and Empowered boosts your Attack Speed while lowering your Cooldowns.

    That is all on Diablo Immortal Challenge Rifts Guide & Tips for beginners. To know about Elder Scrolls High Isle All Wayshrine Locations or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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