GamingRole-PlayingGoat Simulator 3 Libertarian Island Trinkets Locations Guide

    Goat Simulator 3 Libertarian Island Trinkets Locations Guide

    Goat Simulator 3 has many places to explore the lands from the map. There are various locations to explore and collect the trinkets from those places. One of those amazing places is Liberation Island and its golden statue. The Goat Simulator 3 Libertarian Island trinkets guide will help you to the right route to get all the trinkets and proceed in-game.

    Goat Simulator 3: Libertarian Island Island

    This beautiful island is beautiful with landscapes and the main point of attraction is the Statue of Liberation. There are only five trinkets that you can collect. Let’s begin with the trinket’s location and how to get them.

    Trinket #1: Statue of Libertarian

    Trinket #1: Statue of Libertarian
    Statue of Libertarian

    As the mission begins, you will be standing right in front of the Statue of Libertarian. There are many people around it. Start your the surrounding plantation. There is a fence and plants around it. Jump and surpass around them to reach the statue. As you reach there, you can see the fan behind the statue. Use the fan to reach the top of the statue. There will be the first trinket to collect.

    You can also complete the Founding Father Quest here.

    Trinket #2: Under the Libertarian Island

    Trinket #2: Under the Libertarian Island
    Under the Libertarian Island

    As you reach the entrance of the bridge, look at the downhill side of the bridge. Head down to reach under the bridge. There will be a metal platform over there. There you can reach first on it. Next, you can see a number of people. Head over there and reach to give a headbutt to the beverages cartoon. There will be a boat on its side.

    Jump into it and bounce up in the air. It is an airboat so it’s great for bouncing. Take a number of attempts to reach the top of the metal rods. Once you reach there, a trinket will be waiting there for you.

    Trinket #3: Under the Water Fountain

    Trinket #3: Under the Water Fountain
    Under the Water Fountain

    As you begin this trinket journey, you will land in front of the water fountain. It will be marked as the Statue of the Libertarian. You have to reach there as there will be a car parking lot. Jump over those cars and reach the fountain. Jump into the water and there will be a trinket under the water shower. Swim till there to collect it.

    Trinket #4: Watch Tower

    Trinket #4: Watch Tower
    Watch Tower

    Head back to the Statue of the Libertarian. This is the same spot where you collected the very first trinket from this island. You can do this in two ways. Either you can collect this one with the first one or you can collect it in the order. It’s totally your choice.

    Here, you have to head to the sword of the statue. This will be a bit time taking as you will walk on a thin sword. As you reach its tip, you will see a black cable connected to the watch tower nearby. Walk over to it and reach the watch tower. Jump down to its light floor to collect the trinket floating mid-air.

    Trinket #5: Sea hill near the statue

    Trinket #5: Sea hill near the statue
    Sea hill near the statue

    As you reach the Statue of the Libertarian, move to the seaside. There will be a rocky side path towards the sea. On its corner, there will be the last trinket of the island.

    Great job! You have collected of them. This Goat Simulator 3 Libertarian Island trinkets can be collected with these guidelines and by following the right path. If you’re interested in such a gaming guide, then go through the Gaming page of Retrology.

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