Guide: Lost Ark Carrot and Stick quest

    The Lost Ark Carrot and Stick quest is a riveting side quest for players to complete in the game. The players have to catch rare fish found on the island. Completing this quest can be a bit mind-boggling if players are not familiar with the right areas to fish in but once you get the hang of it, it’s a pretty easy one to get done with. We have a complete guide to help you find your way to the Secret Fishing Spot.

    We have also covered other quests that help you boost up your health stats and help you gather important resources. So without further ado let’s jump right into it.

    Unlock the quest

    The Carrot and Stick quest will become available after you complete the Fearsome Man-Eating Monster quest in Lost City. To obtain the quest, first travel to the Lost City zone. Here, you need to find the Injured Kir. Talking to Kir will unlock the quest.

    Locate Secret Fishing Spot

    Once you have unlocked the quest, Kir will assign you the task of catching three White Belly at the secret fishing spot. Kir himself will help you identify the location of the Secret Fishing Spot so you need not worry! 

    On your way to it, you’ll come across a wall. Break it down to gain access to the Secret Fishing Spot as it lies beyond the wall. There are also two treasure chests you can get your hands on here. 

    carrot and stick lost ark

    Collect White Belly Fish

    At the Secret Fishing Spot, you need to collect three White Belly Fish to bring the quest to an end. However, catching them requires no special skills but a whole lot of patience. All you need to do is simply fish around the area until you catch the White Belly. It’s all a game of patience. 

    carrot and stick lost ark

    Return to Kir

    Once you’ve collected three White Belly Fish, return to Kir. The Secret Fishing Spot’s wall would have been restored, so break it down again to get back.

    carrot and stick lost ark

    Head back and provide Kir with the White Belly Fishes she requires to save her life.

    This will mark the completion of the quest.

    This was a brief guide to help you solve the Lost Ark Carrot and Stick quest. For more similar guides, follow Retrology. 

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