Zia Chishti (Afiniti CEO) steps down after sexual assault allegations

    Muhammad Ziaullah Khan Chishti is a Pakistani American business executive. He is the founder of a software company called Afiniti.

    Afiniti announced on Thursday that Zia Chishti has resigned as the CEO of the company.

    A former employee in front of a congressional committee testified that the CEO had sexually assaulted. She said that he also beat her up.

    Tatiana Spottiswoode, a former employee of the company on Tuesday testified before The House Judiciary Committee. She said that Mr Chishti harassed her for months on end after she started working for the company in 2016.

    Ms Spottiswoode testified that during a business trip to Brazil in 2017, the executive sexually assaulted her. He also filed for arbitration against her when she hired lawyers and accused him of the attack.

    She also said that Mr Chishti humiliated her in front of other employees whenever she denied his advances towards her.

    David Cameron, former British prime minister also quit his role in Afiniti after these allegations came to light. He said that he understands that the allegations may be disputed but he does not support the company’s approach towards the problem.

    According to the company’s website two days after the testimony, Zia Chisti stepped down from his position of Chief Executive Officer.

    Mr Chishti as of Friday said that he denies all such allegations. He said that the evidence does not support the claims. Furthermore, he also stated that he is extremely supportive of women in the workplace.

    The statement said, “The board will make additional organizational announcements in the coming days”.

    While speaking to Sky News a spokesperson of the company said “In regards to the claims made against our CEO Zia Chishti, we take any allegations of this nature extremely seriously”.

    This is all on Zia Chishti and the allegations made against him. For more news and updates like this keep following Retrology!

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    Amel Aamer
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