GamingBeat 'em upZenless Zone Zero Characters Guide: All Characters Revealed so far!

    Zenless Zone Zero Characters Guide: All Characters Revealed so far!

    Zenless Zone Zero is an upcoming RPG from the creators of Genshin Impact. Unlike Genshin, which takes place in a fantastical, JRPG-like world, Zenless occurs in a post-apocalyptic city named New Eridu. However, you play as a number of playable characters, explore a globe, and discover more about a mysterious evil that threatens humanity’s survival. Though not much information on characters has been publicly disclosed. This is a complete Zenless Zone Zero Characters guide with everything we’ve learned through Zenless Zone Zero’s official website and announcements.

    Keep in mind that the game has not been released yet. The official release date is unknown, however, the tuning test is currently ongoing which lets players take a peak into this all-new world. Now, without any further delays, let’s get into this Zenless Zone Zero Characters guide.

    Faction Unknown

    Soldier 11

    Soldier 11

    Not much is yet known about Soldier 11 except for the fact that she is on some kind of mission. Her mission requires some very tough tasks but she wants to complete it at all costs. Her weapon of choice is a flaming sword which explains her fireproof suit and glasses. Also, she loves her weapons as she thinks they are emotionless. We don’t know why she prefers emotionless things so, for that, we need to wait for more information about her to be released.

    Basic Attack:Perform four slashes to deliver physical damage. You can also use the hotkey to turn the attacks into Fire Suppression, which is simply a more powerful version.
    Special Attack:Slashes nearby enemies and deals Fire damage. You can use Fervent Fire to deliver enormous Fire damage to adjacent opponents if you have enough energy.
    Ultimate Attack:A powerful slash in a small area, inflicting a lot of damage.

    Gentle House AKA Cunning Hares

    Anby Demara

    Anby Demara

    Anby’s age and background are unknown. Nicole took her in and she ended up joining Gentle House, eventually becoming a strong and trustworthy friend. She is noted for her excellent combat ability, but she is also regarded as the group’s codependent baby.

    Basic Attack:Cuts four times. After the third attack, hold down the hotkey to perform Thunderbolt, which does Electric damage with a downward stroke.
    Special Attack:This does massive Electric damage as you do an upward slash. This is complemented by her EX special attack Lightning Bolt, which is a more destructive version of Fork Lightning.
    Ultimate Attack:Does a powerful upward slash, continued with a heavy downward slash that smashes her enemies to the ground for massive Electric damage.

    Billy The Kid

    Billy The Kid

    Billy is a cyborg who likes to be all showy and extra. He dresses in a crimson jacket, has a black mask with luminous gold eyes, and has spiky white hair. Billy carries two handguns and has a flashy style of combat. It’s acceptable though as he has a good shooting eye.

    Basic Attack:Fire piercing bullets at enemies to inflict physical damage.
    Special Attack:Can fire three piercing bullets in a straight line. He can also use Clearance Time, delivering enormous Physical damage if he has enough energy.
    Ultimate Attack:Launch a strong piercing strike across a wide area and cause enormous damage.

    Nicole Demara or NosTradamus

    Nicole Demara

    Nicole Demara is a tall, pink-haired woman with golden eyes. She is dressed in white and black. With most of her time spent on the streets, she is well known for her cunningness. Nicole’s appearance and weapon are the only things we know about her. She appears to be of high rank within Gentle House based on her location throughout the teaser. She is seen clutching a briefcase, which appears to be her weapon. This could also be related to how much she loves money so is this a briefcase containing money?

    Basic Attack:Deal physical damage with up to 5 strikes. Her weapon also has the ability to unleash shots that do greater damage to opponents in a wide area.
    Special Attack:With enough energy, you can launch a bullet that produces an energy field in a specific region. This energy field will then attract opponents to the center, doing Physical damage.
    Ultimate Attack:A stronger version of the special attack.

    Nekomiya Mana

    Nekomiya Mana

    There is also a cat girl in Gentle House who is dressed in black and red and has black and white cat ears and a tail. She is named Nekomiya Mana. Her attack style is based on agile movements at high speeds and stabbing her victims with a flurry of attacks. She is also good at closing the distance before attacking by moving fast in midair.

    Basic Attack:Attacks with 5 slashes. After the third strike, hold down the hotkey to perform Crimson Blade. This will lead you to cut through foes in front of you.
    Special Attack:Does a downward strike. You may use Super Surprise Attack! for significantly more damage if you have enough energy.
    Ultimate Attack:Slash foes with claws across a large area to do huge Physical damage.

    Victoria Housekeeping Company

    Von Lycaon

    Von Lycaon

    Lycaon is regarded as “rational and thoughtful, a real gentleman.” on the official website. He is also reliable and a trustworthy companion who is good in all aspects. Also, he’s part wolf and part human with jet legs. His legs may function as a weapon or part of his attacks. He’s dressed like a butler, replete with golden knuckle dusters and some type of muzzle.

    Basic Attack:Does physical damage with 5 strikes. You may also charge the attack and enhance its power while dealing Ice damage by holding down the hotkey.
    Special Attack:Execute multiple strikes causing Ice damage. You can execute Thrill of the Hunt, a more powerful variant of this if you have enough energy. You may additionally boost the strength of this skill by holding down the hotkey.
    Ultimate Attack:Launches a flurry of strong assaults that deliver huge Ice damage to foes in a broad area.

    Corin Wickes

    Corin Wickes

    Corin is pictured with green hair in bunches and dressed in a traditional black and white maid’s gown. Shackles around her wrists, chains around her waist, and a lovely teddy bear bag complete her look. She appears concerned and tears before launching an attack with a strong weapon that appears to be a polearm with a buzz saw or circular blade at the end.

    Basic Attack:Attacks with 5 slashes.
    Special Attack:Perform many slashes in front of you to deal Physical damage. You may hold this ability to make it last longer. With enough energy, you may execute, a more powerful variant of Clean Sweep.
    Ultimate Attack:Slash enemies across a small area to do huge Physical damage.

    B. Industries



    Koleda is a little woman with long red hair, an eye patch, and casual clothing. She works at B. Industries and carries what appears to be a  wrench in one hand and a hammer in the other.

    Basic Attack:Perform up to 4 strikes to deal physical damage.
    Special Attack:First strike foes with her hammer. Then use the skill again to cause an explosion and deliver Fire damage to opponents. You can use Boiling Furnace to deal enormous Fire damage if you have enough energy.
    Ultimate Attack:A powerful slash in a very wide area to deal massive Fire damage to nearby enemies.


    Anton: Zenless Zone Zero Characters Guide

    On either the official website or on the game’s accounts, there isn’t much information on Anton. We do know that he is a member of the B. Industries faction as he is seen in the group in the trailer. From some gameplay videos, it can be depicted that he uses a drill connected to his hand for battle. His connection to industries is clear in his strength-based attacks.

    Basic Attack:Execute four attacks, ending with a Piledriver Attack. While in Explosive Stance, use the hotkey to conduct Piledriver Attacks that deliver Electric damage during the second and fourth hits. Meanwhile, the third assault will be a Drill Attack with Electric damage.
    Special Attack:A Piledriver Attack from the front. Anton can also execute Horizon Smash, Bro! after accumulating enough Energy. In that, he performs numerous Piledriver Attacks in a row for tremendous Physical damage.
    Ultimate Attack:Launches a Piledriver Attack into the ground, doing enormous Electric damage on a wide scale.


    Ben: Zenless Zone Zero Characters Guide

    This gang also includes a huge bear guy named Ben. He has brown fur and appears to be carrying a big metal slab that resembles a meat hammer. He is, without a doubt, a character based on strength.

    Basic Attack:Perform 5 strikes. 
    Special Attack:Enter Defense posture, reducing damage taken by 80%. When struck, he will then attack an adversary in the front, delivering Physical damage. With enough energy he can attain an upgraded Defense state and totally block all incoming assaults.
    Ultimate Attack:Executes a tremendous blow across a large area.



    Aokaku: Zenless Zone Zero Characters Guide

    The first member of this group resembles an alien, with blue skin, white hair, horns, and ears. Her name is Aokaku, and she is sometimes seen wearing a mask. The weapon looks to be some sort of scythe or a big axe.

    Basic Attack:Strike 3 slashes to inflict damage. Press the hotkey to perform a faster version of this attack.
    Special Attack:Send a wind current that does wind damage. She can use this multiple times to continually release wind currents after she has gained enough energy.
    Ultimate Attack:Unleash a series of strikes at her, causing her to launch a Fly the Flag attack. Her foes take a lot of Wind damage with her strike.


    Miyabi: Zenless Zone Zero Characters Guide

    The last character for this Zenless Zone Zero Characters guide is this traditional soldier or samurai-looking girl, Unagi. She appears like with huge, black fox ears. She has blazing red eyes and is dressed in a dark blue kimono, brandishing a massive, glowing katana.

    Basic Attack:Make 5 slashes, the first three doing physical damage and the final two dealing ice damage. After the final slice, she obtains an Arcane Blade stack. Shimotsuki allows you to deliver a strong slash for enormous Ice damage with 3 stacks of Arcane Blade.
    Special Attack:To deliver Ice damage, slash in a straight line. You may use Hanabira Yuki to deliver huge Ice damage to a straight line after accumulating enough energy. Holding the hotkey also allows you to launch a strong slash that delivers enormous Ice damage in a circular area in front of you. Following that, you will receive a stack of Arcane Blade.
    Ultimate Attack:Perform a powerful slash that deals massive Ice damage to a very wide area.

    This is all we can tell in this Zenless Zone Zero Characters Guide. Some of these characters are not yet on the official site but due to them appearing in the official trailer, they are considered official characters. If you like games with these types of visuals, check out Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Heroes Guide.

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