YouTube TV, now available in 34 new metro areas

    Back in April, after being revealed to the public, YouTube TV was finally launched in five select US markets, for 35$/month. Initially, it only supported a limited number of gadgets but later it expanded over to more devices. Now, we received a tweet from YouTube TV’s verified account, announcing that the service would now be available in 34 new markets in the US.

    Previously, the live streaming service supported 49 markets. Now with 34 altogether, more on its table, it is indeed a remarkable increase – making the availability in a total of 83 markets. You can see the whole, ‘currently available locations’ list on the support page.

    YouTube TV still costs 35$/month. However, since its launch, it has added many features along with a variety of channels. The service includes channels like Fox, CBS, ABC, ESPN, Disney, SyFy, and more on its list. You can access this cable-free live streaming on your phone, desktop or TV, via dedicated streaming apps. Those who have upgraded to Android 8.0 Oreo, can also enjoy the new picture-in-picture mode. As we are discussing the features, it is noteworthy that users get unlimited storage on a Cloud DVR and can enjoy 6 accounts per household. Everyone gets their own login and personal DVR library, as mentioned on the official site.

    While it requires a paid membership, it is also available to try it for free. 

    With that said, what do you think of YouTube’s live streaming service? Do you think it’s better than its competitors at this price? Let us know in the comments section.

    For more on Youtube TV, stay tuned.

    Source: Twitter

    Talha Saqib
    Talha Saqib
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