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    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Sena Guide

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has been released with six new playable characters to have fun with. One of those is Sena. Sena is an attacker to takes up any heavy-duty attacks with her hammer. In this guide, we will discuss Sena along with her skills, arts, and much more. Let’s start!

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Sena

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Sena
    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Sena

    Sena is from the Colony Gamma, Agnus. This female lead character has astounding navy blue hair with greyish-brown eyes and a cute and adorable personality with a stunning outfit. She has a lovely nature but she lacks confidence and feels inferior around others. Her shy personality is just her outer cover. But don’t get mistaken by her petite structure.

    Sena is from the Class Ogre and has the role of Attacker. She loves muscular training. And is furious with heavy-duty weapons. Her favorite is a hammer to smash her foes. She can transform as well. She can fuse with Lanz to transform into a giant creature called Ouroboros.

    Sena’s Skills

    Her amazing skill has numerous powers on hand and here is a brief description of its skills.

    Explosive Sprint

    The Explosive Sprint is quite high. She owns combo reactions that boost the damage potential by 30% or to a maximum of 500%.

    Merciless Pummeling

    This skill has the capacity to deal with 100% damages when dealing with Knockback and Blowdown.

    Utterly Crushing

    This skill neutralizes the enemy guard by 60% to wreak a break.

    Sena’s Arts

    After this short list, we have to offer a list of her art with little details and stats.

    Big Impact

    This powerful attack has a rechargeable gauge and hits the enemy with potential damage to throw him to the ground when attacked from the front.


    This action-packed art boosts the damage to 120% when attacked from any side of the enemy. This art skill crushes her enemies to the ground.

    Maximum Voltage

    This fatal attack blocks the enemy and increases the critical damage by 20%. This also increases the critical damage caused to opponents.

    Sena’s Accessories

    Sena's Accessories
    Sena’s Accessories

    Accessories are used to boost the attacking power. Sena has two types of accessories. One type is the Attack Power. This increases the auto-attacking power which in turn boosts her other powers. The second type is White Wraps. This accessory increases the enemies’ damage to a critical rate. Both accessories have their own benefits.


    In the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Sena has the perfect look of a savage fighter packed with an adorable personality. Her enemies might get fooled by her looks and underestimate her skills. So, have her character on your list to trick your enemies. For the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 guides, check our page and get more details.

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