GamingRole-PlayingXenoblade Chronicles 3 Ino Guide - Strengths, Skills, and More

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ino Guide – Strengths, Skills, and More

    Ino is a new Hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3‘s Wave 2 DLC Expansion Pass. Before you may unlock her as a Hero, you must first finish her Hero Quest, much like other Heroes. Here’s everything revealed yet about Ino from Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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    Ino Hero Quest

    You can begin her Hero Quest after downloading the DLC and updating the program by visiting the in-game menu, selecting Expansion Pass, and then Vol. 2. To begin the quest, press Y and select Champion of the Nopon from the DLC menu.

    By completing the mission Champion of the Nopon, Ino can be recruited as a Hero as part of the Expansion Pass. She employs the Noponic Champion class, which is a Defender class. She can use Inoswap to learn and improve her arts and skills by using HD Ether Cylinders+.

    Ino claims to be an Artificial Blade, which is a weaponized lifeform that was prevalent during the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Ino has a little unnatural personality and speaks like a Nopon. A “Great Nopon” fashioned her. She declares Noah as her Driver and refers to him as “Masterpon” after meeting the party.


    Compared to other high-agility reviveable characters, Ino shows incredible agility. This makes her an excellent defender who focuses primarily on dodging strikes. You can even use her speed to advantage and use her attacks as she can do a great deal of damage.

    Many of Ino’s Arts and Skills, before getting activated, need to become incapacitated. If you want to employ some of these abilities, you’ll need some Healers on your team who can heal her swiftly. This is a great problem as sometimes her character can become useless.

    Ino, unlike other Heroes, does not begin with already enhanced Art and Skill benefits. To amplify their effects, you’ll need to activate her unique Inoswap ability. You will need to invest time and effort in upgrading her if you want her to reach her full potential. This can be time-consuming but if you work enough, you can make her an amazing character to use.

    Arts and Skills

    Combat Arts

    • Starry Beat: Basic Attack. Targets one Enemy.
    • Afterglow: Each time the character is rendered unconscious, the damage delivered is increased by 50% (up to a maximum of 250%).
    • Photon Storm: Targets one Enemy. Resists assault. further increases aggro created by art by 50% at the expense of a low critical rate.
    • Dual Flash: increases aggression by 50% when utilizing art.
    • Dazzling Illusion: Self-Effect. Increases aggro drawn when attacking by 25% and evasion by 20%.

    Talent Art

    • Shining Refrain: Resists assault. each time the target is rendered helpless, the damage is increased by 50% (up to a maximum of 250%).


    • Tit for tat: It benefits from an attack on an ally. If someone from your team deals damage, it boosts one of the Art by 10%. The selected art is random though.
    • Nanomachine Repair: 6% HP can be increased by a 25% chance to restore it while evading.
    • Velocity Gear: When evading, all arts—aside from talent art—gain 6% recharge.
    • Overclock: Each time the character becomes disabled, the recharge rate is increased by 10%.

    Default Items

    • Gear Support
    • Engineer Gloves
    • Champion Ring

    Default Gems

    • Doublestrike
    • Steelcleaver
    • Tailwind

    That’s all the basic information about Ino from Xenoblade Chronicles 3. We’ve also covered more characters like SenaEunieEthelMio GuideNia, Melia, and Noah. Do check them out if you want.

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