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    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ethel Guide

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has new characters in this series for you to recruit. One of those is Ethel- a powerful warrior. In this article, we will assist you with all the facts about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ethel or the Commander of Colony 4.

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Ethel

    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Ethel
    Xenoblade Chronicles 3: Ethel

    Ethel or the Commander of Colony 4 of Keves, just like Melia. Ethel is another protagonist of this series. She has smart leadership skills and exceptional combat skills. She is famous for her defeating three massive enemies colonies all at one. And she was leading a small number of only 100 soldiers at her command at that moment. After this battle, she was known as Silvercoat Ethel in Keves.

    Ethel is a gorgeous warrior with silver hair and blue eyes. She flaunts her special pair of slender swords in her classic silver and black suit with a cape. In the Agnian attack, she is also the savior of Noah and his friends. She is a skilled fighter with power-packed skills.

    Ethel’s Skills

    Ethel's Skills and Arts
    Ethel’s Skills and Arts

    Ethel is a skilled combatant from the Flash Fencer Class as an Attacker. She acquires multiple battle skills with special powers and damaging potential. These skills have special Hero Chain talents which increase the enemy’s damage by 150% if in the first line of attack. Here is the list of here skills that any enemy would fear.

    First More Wins

    She can enhance the damage potential by 30% in the opening 60 seconds of the battle.

    Fighting Instinct

    Her fighting power boosts the damage to the enemy by 25% through her Talent Arts. And while using it the damage increase to 200%.

    Critical Strike

    This skill will boost the damage massively by this critical strike by up to 30%.

    Ethel’s Arts

    Her arts are incomparable to any other protagonists in the series, and here is a short list of them.

    Cross Impact

    This art is dangerous and buffs with a Power charge when the enemy is given a Physical Attack.

    Silver Cyclone

    This physical attack increases critical damage by 75% if attacked from the side.

    Saber Attack

    This physical attack is to hit one target that gives huge damage.

    Ethel’s Gems

    Ethel's Gems
    Ethel’s Gems

    She possesses gems with ultimate powers. The first one is Double Strike which doubles the strike as per auto-attack. The second one is the Empowered Combo is the damage caused when canceled. And the third one is the Analyze Weakness which increases the damage of every critical hit.

    How To Unlock Ethel

    How To Unlock Ethel
    How To Unlock Ethel

    To unlock Ethel, you have to complete a quest. In Chapter 3, you have to finish the Hero Quest titled No Want of Courage. Then, follow the story and have Ethel as your friend. Finally, you have unlocked the character.


    In the end, this cool yet dangerous warrior with numerous skills, Ethel, is now on your character list. There is much more about her story in the main storyline. The Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Ethel guide has just covered a bit about her. As you keep going, you will learn more. So, go ahead and complete more quests to unlock more characters.

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