Windows 11 22581.200 (KB5013296) for Dev and Beta Channels 

    Windows 11 22581.200 (KB5013296) for Dev and Beta.

    The new Windows 11 servicing build 22581.200 (KN50132296) is now released for Dev and Beta. This is the new update to the software architecture for Dev and Beta channels. However, the new release does not really include a major update. 

    Microsoft in the official press release says that ‘the update does not include anything new’.

    Furthermore, the update is part of the design to test the servicing system for builds in the Dev and Beta Channels. There are improvements in place, however, no major update is expected. It is a part of the updates that Microsoft releases on a frequent basis. 

    The Windows 11 22581.200 (KB5013296)carries all the improvements and bug fixes from the previous 22581 windows 11 update. While all the previous updates and improvements that Microsoft introduces from time to time, this new one does not seem to include any. 

    Windows 11 22581.200 (KB5013296)

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    This new update is available for Dev and Beta channel insiders as a part of the insider program for Windows 11. The 22581 is the latest dev channel and beta channel.

    This update is especially important to the Dev channel since it contains the experimental features that Microsoft tests. New feature rollouts are always a part of the Dev channel. Thus, this update will ensure smooth processes. 

    Microsoft issued the first servicing pipeline update on March 25th, 2022. The first update states that a cumulative update build is on its way and includes nothing new. Moreover, the second update that Microsoft issued was on the 29th of March, 2022. This new update includes information regarding the build going up to 22581.200. 

    Thus, it means that you are not going to experience any new features. However, this new addition will keep the windows update process running smoothly and in a stable manner. 

    Moreover, this is an automatic compulsory update. You can expect it to show up in the setting portion. Simply go to the setting on your device, choose Windows Update, and view the Windows Insider Program. You can choose the insider setting and select the Beta Channel. 

    Dev vs Beta Channel

    It is important that you switch to the Beta Channel if you wish to keep the windows running. Since Microsoft has announced that it will close the windows once there are improvements to the Dev Channel. Thus, if you are still using the dev channel, you will have to install a completely new version of Windows 11 to keep going.

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