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    Where to get Fire Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield

    Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Fire Stone is an evolution item that, when combined with specific Pokemon, enables them to evolve into Fire types. This article details the location of the Fire Stone in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

    The Fire Stone, which has been there since the earliest Pokemon video games, is mostly required to evolve fire-type Pokemon from Pokemon Red and Blue. Fire Stones are rather simple to locate in Pokemon Sword and Shield thanks to the Digging Duo and the stone memorial at Lake Outrage, just like they are in those old games.

    There has never been a better opportunity for Pokemon Sword and Shield players to come back to the games and finish their Pokedex because the majority of gamers have now finished Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends: Arceus is still more than a month away. They’ll need to acquire three Pokemon that need Fire Stones to evolve, as well as perhaps some of the stones, to accomplish this. Some people will want to catch and evolve the Pokemon by themselves rather than simply transferring them from Pokemon Home or trading them with a friend.

    Fire Stone Evolutions:

    In Sword and Shield, you can evolve the following Pokemon using Fire Stones:

    • Vulpix into Ninetales
    • Eevee into Flareon
    • Growlithe into Arcanine

    There aren’t many Pokemon on Galar that can evolve if a Fire Stone is nearby. However, this is how you can acquire those that are.

    When compared to the 898 total Pokemon that are now available, each of the evolution stones in generation 8 can only be used to evolve three to six Pokemon. Though it is simple to locate Fire Stones in the most recent games, not every Pokemon that evolves can be evolved using them.

    Where To Find Fire Stones in Pokemon Sword and Shield

    • Sometimes the Digging Duo will dig up Fire Stones.
    • On occasion, a Fire Stone will spawn behind one of the big stones on the opposite side of the Lake of Outrage.
    • In the Wild Area, to Motostoke’s right, is a Fire Stone. It can be found in the left corner, close to the brick wall if players cross the bridge.

    Evolving Eevee Into Flareon

    Fire Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield Flareon

    As a result of its charming appearance and capacity to evolve into seven different Pokemon, Eevee is a first-generation fan favorite. One of them is Flareon, a fire-type Pokemon that calls for the employment of a Fire Stone on the Eevee of the player. In comparison to its other evolutions like Syvleon, Umbreon, and Espeon, which depend on variables like fondness and the time of day.

    Evolving Growlithe Into Arcanine

    Fire Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield Growlithe

    Growlithe, a Pokemon with dog-inspired features, is another first-generation Pokemon that can develop with a Fire Stone. Although more than 25 years have gone by since Growlithe’s introduction to the series, its sheer size and strength mean that it continues to be one of the most well-known Pokemon.

    Evolving Vulpix Into Ninetales

    Fire Stone Pokemon Sword and Shield Ninetales

    Vulpix, a pure Fire-type Pokemon that evolves with a Fire Stone like Growlithe, has historically been version-exclusive to games that do not include its counterpart. The Alolan regional variant is Ice and Fairy-type and evolves with an Ice Stone rather than a Fire Stone. It was obtained in the Sun and Moon generation.

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