TechWhatsApp will soon be able to transcribe voice messages

    WhatsApp will soon be able to transcribe voice messages

    The company is in preparation to introduce a new feature for voice messaging functionality. This feature will allow WhatsApp voice message transcription for users. The main reason to introduce this feature is that voice messages are not always convenient as it gets difficult for users to hear voice notes at public places or gatherings.

    Although from the sender’s end, it seems quite easy and convenient to send a voice note and save them from the trouble of typing a long message. But voice messages are not considered the best communication medium especially when you are in public.

    WhatsApp is working on a voice note transcription feature to make communication easier via voice messages. WABetaInfo first spotted the feature.  The feature is presently under development but once it’s done, it will allow WhatsApp users to transcribe voice messages sent by other users using speech recognition technology.

    Currently, this feature is only patterned for the iOS build of the app.  Furthermore, WABetaInfo also confirmed that no voice data will be shared with Facebook as these voice messages will be transcribed by Apple only to improve its speech recognition technology.

    WABetaInfo also said that the transcription will be saved locally in the WhatsApp database so you don’t have to transcribe it again if you wish to access the transcription later. However, the WhatsApp voice message transcription feature is in progress for iOS users only and nothing was said regarding its access to Android users as well.

    Up till now, all the WhatsApp features have been accessible to both Android and iOS users. So hopefully they will find a way this time as well to make the WhatsApp voice message transcription feature accessible to Android users.

    That’s all about the news related to WhatsApp being able to transcribe voice messages. We will update you as soon as more information is revealed on this topic, for more latest news and entertainment, keep following Retrology.

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