What is Isekai? Explained in detail

    Many fans love anime and manga due to the versatile Japanese culture and adorable characters But there are many terms that you love to learn but don’t know their meaning. Like Tsundere. Here, I will explain the word Isekai in meaning and also in detail. Let’s begin to learn the anime world better.

    What is Isekai and what does it mean?

    What is Isekai and what does it mean?
    What is Isekai and what does it mean?

    Isekai is a subgenre of anime and manga where the main characters or protagonists are pushed or teleported into another world. They u familiar or strange world makes them go through different scenarios. And make the series interesting with each episode. 

    Most of the game might be unaware of this term. You can easily understand it with the example of Alice in Wonderland and Peter Pan. Here, you have to get to see the creative minds’ imagination of adventures, fantasy, and fun. Let’s get into more detail about isekai.

    Isekai was previously known as trapped in another world genre. The genre back then was the main difference between the isekai manga and other fantasy stories. In most of the isekai anime, the main protagonists are teleported to another world, physical or spiritual. Or reborn in another time or world with a different life or world. Inuyasha and Red River are the best examples of it.

    The traditional concept of the isekai anime is that our main protagonist tries to find a way back home or they are reincarnation into another being. Or their struggles trying to fit in the new world. Another relatable term is reverse isekai. It is the reverse of the fantasy world back to normal life. Those struggles and challenges are pop-up series for the fans to watch.

    Brief History

    Isekai has been in existence since the 1990s. It’s related to a young girl who has swayed away from new-world adventures and challenges in this era. There is a dilemma between the real and fantasy world for the protagonists. 

    This isekai was very popular in the western part of the world. As they switch from the modern world to another time as a unique and terrific idea. But it ended with the Inuyasha series with massive success. 

    Modern Version of Isekai 

    In the early 2010s, Sword Art Online was the beginning of a new era of male protagonists. Mentally strong, socially awkward, and heavily featured young men are the main focus of the series now. 

    On the other hand, female protagonists are very famous for their reincarnation and rebirth into other or fantastical worlds struggling for a way out or to adapt to a new environment. Whereas, male protagonists are not action triggered or violent. The story leans towards the slice of life.

    With this era, a new subgenre was born as slice-of-life fantasy isekai. It is a subgenre where protagonists are reincarnated in a fantasy world. This subgenre attracts a lot of audiences due to its action and adventure story with the tangled fantastical world.

    In the end, there are many other isekai anime series that you will surely love. Check them and hopefully, now you understand the different genres of anime.

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