GamingFirst-Person ShooterWay of The Hunter Wild Duck Location Guide

    Way of The Hunter Wild Duck Location Guide

    Way of the Hunter provides a very reality-based experience in which you can immerse yourself in spectacular wildlife. You can witness realistic wildlife, animal movements, and their habitats. With all this beautiful scenery, you also need to hunt which is literally what this game is for.

    There would be quests in Way of the Hunter for hunting various wild animals. As you go through the story, you’ll receive a quest called “Wild Duck Foie Gras,” which requires you to hunt three wild ducks. The location of these ducks can be tricky to find as you have to stay hidden or they’ll be gone as soon as they spot you. This guide will show you the Way of The Hunter Wild Duck Location, where you may easily hunt Wild Ducks.

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    Wild Duck Location on Map

    While exploring the map, you’ll come across a location, which is directly above the bear den ranch and is filled with various birds such as wild ducks, geese, etc. You may go to this site at any time, and you will most likely see all of these birds either swimming in the ponds or flying around.

    This is the spot where you’ll be most likely to find the ducks so to hunt Wild ducks, head over here. There is no specific place where the ducks would be because they are swimming and moving around. Look around the area and the reason for the three arrows is to look in this area. Hopefully, you’ll be able to spot them.

    How to get close and hunt the duck?

    • Start from somewhere behind the river, far enough that even you can’t see the ducks.
    • From there, move slowly by crouching or hiding in the long grass.
    • As you approach closer to the sounds, look around to see if there are any wild ducks nearby.
    • To check that, click the “Esc” button and access the game’s “Photo Mode,” where you’ll be able to see your surroundings and their locations.
    Photo Mode: Way of the hunter Wild Duck Location
    Photo Mode: Way of the hunter Wild Duck Location
    • Once you’ve located the wild duck, leave Photo Mode and use your binoculars to determine its distance before adjusting the distance on your gun to hunt it.
    • Take your aim and shoot adjusting on one of the ducks. You can shoot one duck at a time. One shot is enough if the aim is right.
    • Next, go over to where the duck is, as others would already fly off, and collect the dead animal.

    Now that you’ve gotten the bird, the data would be automatically updated. You can come back to the same place after a while or look along the stream for other ducks.

    This is it for Way of The Hunter Wild Duck Location on Map and how to catch it. For more updates on Way of the Hunter, check the guides section so you can stay updated as soon as we upload more stuff regarding this game.

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