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    Way of the Hunter Callers Guide

    Way of the Hunter has brought the hunting experience to a whole new level of reality for its hunter player. If you don’t know how to captive an animal’s attention. Then this article is for you as it will assist you through the Way of the Hunter callers guide.

    Way of the Hunter: Callers Guide

    THQ Nordic and Nine Rock Games have developed a hunting gaming experience almost like reality. The players will have an open-world hunting experience in the forests of the USA and Europe with mesmerizing landscapes and furious wild animals. As players, you can experience hunting adventures and unveil your hidden abilities s a true hunter.

    Here, you can access other premium arms and weapons to shoot down the animals with detailed analyses like blood splatter and shot review. In the rich forests, you can drive a car or run on foot to chase your animals. You can win trophies and purchase in-game gear as well. The main storyline of the game is also a dramatic yet action-filled story. A story of family, business, friendship, and rivalry.

    How to Attract the Attention of Animals?

    For hunting, you cannot always chase the animals in the woods and shoot them down. Here is one of the easiest ways to attract the attention of the animal you want to hunt. Firstly, you have to be patient. You have to use the right caller according to the animal you want to hunt. Next, you have to be cautious about a few things.

    Firstly, make sure to not call too much. Calling animals too much won’t attract them and they will ignore it. So, the main key is patience. Be patient and wait for the animal’s attention to be drawn toward you. Now, for example, you will learn how you can attract their attention.

    How to Use Callers to Attract Animals?

    How to Use Callers to Attract Animals?
    How to Use Callers to Attract Animals?

    Callers are like sound signals. The animals will get alert on hearing them. These sound signals attract them in the direction called. The right caller for the right animals. You can purchase them in-game. On hearing them, they are attracted easily. For a deer, you have to use a deer caller. And same goes for any other animal.

    Let’s continue with the example of deer. By now, you are aware to move slowly without making any noise and staying low. Move in the direction of the animal you want to hunt. Blow the caller in that direction. The caller sound will be similar to that of a deer.

    The animal moves in your direction after listening to the caller
    The animal moves in your direction after listening to the caller

    Keep your scope or binoculars ready. You will need them now. As you use your caller, look in that direction with your scope. Make sure to be hidden. Wait for a while. If you have followed all the above instructions correctly, the animal will surely respond. It might take a little time but it will respond back by moving in your direction.

    Track the movements of the animal
    Track the movements of the animal

    Keep looking at the animal through your scope ad keep track of its movements. As it’s moving towards you, make sure to look at the distance between you and the animal. When you feel the animal is close enough, pull out your rifle, aim, and fire! Make sure to take sudden actions or else it might warn the animal and can run away.

    In the end, hunting is all about patience and the right steps to take. Way of the Hunter callers guide is thoroughly detailed and provides all facts for an extraordinary hunting experience. You can also have a look at your guides page for better assistance and precise information on other games.

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