GamingViper Valorant - All the Tricks and Tactics

    Viper Valorant – All the Tricks and Tactics

    Ever since Valorant has hit the market, it’s been up for conversation. With many duelists being top frags and many players’ favorites, controllers and sentinels are unfortunately left behind. So let’s give them a spotlight. We will start with the discussion of an agent, Viper a controller in Valorant.

    Who is Viper?

    Viper is an American chemist who uses poison as her weapon, whether they are in the form of liquid poison or poison gas. According to the official descriptions, she is very experienced and quite tricky in her use of weapons to disable enemies.

    She uses poison and acid to cause havoc. Viper is a predator who uses fuel to burn down and suffocate her enemies before activating her poisonous abilities, Poison Cloud and Toxic Screen, which melt passing targets and impair their eyesight. Her fuel gauge recharges over time, allowing her to dominate places for a longer length of time.

    As she is a controller, she is not someone you play on main as. She merely assists and sets up the site for other players to play in.

    Viper Abilities

    There are numerous videos about Viper’s range and how her abilities can be used to her fullest. From lineups to plans, she is a really good defender and can be an amazing choice if you know how to use her. If you don’t know much about her, here is a brief description of her abilities along with their uses.

    Viper Valorant

    Snake Bite

    A glass tube shatters on impact with the ground, spreading poison liquid everywhere. This can give damage to the enemy up to 30 hp.

    • It excels at sealing off areas where opponents wish to push. 
    • It’s especially lethal in time-sensitive situations where waiting out your Snake Bite isn’t an option. 
    • You can shoot it at an angle that can fall off pretty far giving you a clear area.
    • This can be a great technique to check out map corners. If you suspect someone is hiding behind a box or at a sharp angle, throw this down and push them out.
    • After leaving a bomb site, you may line up in dozens of positions to drop it from the sky directly on top of the device. This takes away a lot of time from the diffusers or may even kill them.

    Poison Cloud

    This is a gas emitter that can be placed anywhere. This uses fuel and can be seen from the fuel gauge present to see how much time will it stay up. The gas can be harmful to the enemies making them vulnerable.

    • This can be an excellent use to block off windows and doors.
    • Its fuel spreads wide enough to stop snipers which is a plus point in itself. It works as a smoke screen and can be a good option if the smoke screens are finished.
    • If you want to hide yourself or your teammate, it’s good to pop it near them so they hide in it. As the enemy will lurk near, you can kill them instantly.

    Toxic Screen

    This ability doesn’t need to be bought. You can put up a pretty long toxin wall that restricts the enemy’s vision and also harms them if they try to pass through.

    • A toxic screen can have many uses starting from cutting the site to shield yourself from enemies. It can go up to a log way so you can plant the wall far from the site easily.
    • The wall can cover the doors and passages blocking the enemy’s vision completely.
    • They can be used to split the site to give you security during planting.
    • Apart from all the placement, it also makes the enemy vulnerable so that’s a plus point.

    Viper’s Pit

    Viper’s Ult is really good to surround the players. She emits the toxic gas over a large perimeter of the site and whenever someone enters it, they become vulnerable and can be killed quite quickly.

    • The best use for the ult is to cover the site completely. This makes enemies come in the smoke to kill you or plant. It makes a good shield from others too.
    • You can also use it where you feel like most of the enemies are. It will weaken them, helping you kill them fast.
    • Unlike duelists, controllers are more team-based so they make way for their teammates more which is how Viper’s pit can be used. Huddle all your team inside the pit and then no one will be able to kill or see them fast enough.

    One of the best and most used lineup:

    If estimating trajectory, launch distance, and wind strength isn’t your thing, there’s always the tried-and-true option of being a general nuisance near the bomb site. This lineup is the easiest and best to save your bomb from being diffused.

    • After obscuring your newly planted bomb with an ultimate or your poison cloud. 
    • Send one or both of your Snake Bites into the sky, right above you, and it won’t matter if the adversary rushes you. 
    • They hurry to defuse, thinking the scene is now clean, as lethal green slime showers down on them not once, but twice.
    • Also if that doesn’t kill them, the poison cloud toxic can aid in it.

    This is a pretty solid trick so use it if needed by Viper players in Valorant. That is all for today, if you need more general tips check out these 5 Valorant Tips And Tricks To Take Your Game To The Next Level. Good Luck!

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