Victoria’s Secret getting a documentary, featuring dark history of the brand

    Directed by filmmaker Matt Tyrnauer, the upcoming docuseries, Victoria’s Secret Angels and Demons is finally all set to release on the 14th of July 2022 on Hulu. The documentary is definitely one of the most awaited ones of the year after several recent controversies attached to one of the biggest fashion brands Victoria’s Secret which once dominated the malls of America.

    According to the official Angels and Demons synopsis from Hulu, the documentary focuses on the following narrative: “Investigated with journalistic rigor by director Matt Tyrnauer, this documentary tells the searing and provocative story of the Victoria’s Secret brand and its longtime CEO, the larger-than-life, enigmatic billionaire Les Wexner. The underworld of fashion, the billionaire class, and Jeffrey Epstein are all revealed to be inextricably intertwined with the fall of this legendary brand.”

    The documentary will be centered around the rise, the fall, and the dark side of the brand that follows a closer look at the Billionaire CEO Les Wexner and his connections with the child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

    “There wasn’t a part of Wexner’s empire that Epstein didn’t have access to. Twenty companies, nineteen trusts, real estate,” The trailer has raised many questions in the minds of fans about why a genius like Wexner would have ties with someone like Epstein.

    Victoria's secret documentary
    Les Wexner and Epstein

    Between 1995 and 2006 Epstein was also alleged of luring models by saying that he was the recruiter for the brand. According to the times, Wexner was made aware of what Epstein was doing but unfortunately, there were no signs of any sort of action taken against him.

    Other than that, after reaching the pinnacle of the fashion industry back in 2010 the brand also got accused of its toxic work environment, lack of diversity among models, non-inclusive practices, claims of harassment, and more. All this dark history of the brand is what the documentary Victoria’s Secret: Angel and Demons is all about.

    Let us know in the comment section below what are your thoughts about Victoria’s Secret: Angel and Demons and the brand’s dark side. To know about Stranger Things creators (Duffer Brothers) are working on Death Note live-action series or for more latest news, keep following Retrology.

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