Valve’s upcoming Dota card game – Artifact, is playable and eSports pros are the first to get their hands on

    Earlier, when Valve announced a Dota card game, Artifact, it didn’t get the fans that much thrilled. But the PC gaming giant is still enthusiastic about the project – as eSports pros are in talks with Valve to test out the game. This highlights that the company is in plans to bring the game in the competitive-play world straight from the beginning.

    Virtus Pro’s General Manager, Roman Dvoryankin, in his talk with (translated via Reddit), stated that the upcoming game is currently playable at Valve’s headquarter. Virtual Pro, along with several other World eSports Association figures, have tried Artifact – and it has gotten them excited about the project.

    So far, the exact release date of the game hasn’t been announced but we do know from the teaser that it would be coming out sometime in 2018.

    There is very little known about the game, up to this point. However, PCGamesN has given its reasonable predictions about what could be expected from Artifact.
    All in all, we hope that the creators of one of the most popular competitive games in the world – Dota, would again give the incurious fans, an experience that the admirers expect from Valve.

    For more on Valve and gaming, in general. Stay in touch. Also, let us know your thoughts on Artifact.

    Source: PCGamer

    Talha Saqib
    Talha Saqib
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