Valkyrie Elysium Trophy Guide and how to unlock all of them

    Developed by Square Enix and Soleil Ltd., Valkyrie Elysium has just been released on the 29th of September 2022. The game is totally packed with some extraordinary graphics along with some tough bosses like Valkyrie Elysium: Naglfar Boss. Additionally, the game has numerous trophies that you can unlock and that is exactly what this guide is going to be all about. In this Valkyrie Elysium trophy guide, we will be helping you how to unlock all of the trophies. So without any delay, let’s get into it.

    Valkyrie Elysium Trophy Guide

    Here is the list of all the Valkyrie Elysium Trophies that you can unlock throughout the game.

    • Divinity Anew: Complete the tutorial
    • Valkyrie, Claimer of Souls: Complete Chapter 1
    • Champions of the Divine: Complete Chapter 2
    • An Unexpected Reunion: Complete Chapter 3
    • Victims of the Gods: Complete Chapter 4
    • Those Offered the: Complete Chapter 5
    • Evil Arises: Complete Chapter 6
    • Metamorphosis & Doubt: Complete Chapter 7
    • The Truth Unmasked: Complete Chapter 8
    • The Fate of the World: Complete Chapter 9
    • Talk of the Dead: Complete one subquest
    • Icon of the Dead: Complete 10 subquests
    • Superstar of the Dead: Complete 20 subquests
    • Savior of the Dead: Complete all 34 subquests
    • A Loyal Servant: Receive an ‘S’ rank on any chapter or subquest
    • The All-Father’s Right Hand: Obtained an ‘S’ rank on every chapter and quest
    • An Impure Soul: Purify a monster
    • An Impure Beast: Purify a Naglfar by defeating a boss with the same name. The trophy will unlock once you finish Chapter 1 and return to Valhalla.
    • Pitfall: Purify a monster by pushing them into a hole or off a cliff
    • Lightning Strike: Destroy two monsters with a single Lightning Bolt, which is one of the initial Divine Arts you’ll receive
    • Soul Burst: This trophy can be unlocked with the Attack Skill Tree. Land a Soul Burst Level 3 attack to get the trophy
    • Soul Steal: This trophy can be unlocked with the Attack Skill Tree. Land a Soul Burst Level 3 attack to get the trophy
    • Nibelung Valesti: Land a Nibelung Valesti I attack
    • Combo Master: Raise the Combo Gauge to 300 hits
    • Commanding Master: Learn every Einherjar attack and their normal attacks
    • Vestige of a Soul: Obtain a Hollow Blossom
    • Beyond Reminiscence: Obtain every Hollow Blossom
    • A Mysterious Flower: Obtain a Verdant Blossom
    • Truth of the Gods: Obtain every Verdant Blossom
    • Rune Novice: Acquire a Rune
    • Rune Master: Acquire every Rune
    • Weapons Collector: Acquire every weapon
    • Anvil Master: Upgrade every weapon to its full potential
    • Weapons Master: Reach SSS ranking with every weapon
    • Arts Master: Learn every Divine Art
    • Skill Master: Learn all of Valkyrie’s skills
    • Elysiumania: Unlock all the Terms in the Collection menu 
    • Affinity of a Soul: Complete Chapter 2 and unlock an Einherjar memory
    • Fellowship of Souls: Unlock all Einherjar memories
    • Twilight of the All-Father: Speak to Armand in Chapter 9 to defeat Odin and make sure not to pick the Verdant Blessing
    • Twilight of the Great Wolf: Eliminate Fenrir and make sure not to talk to Armand in Chapter 9
    • A Momentary Escape: Talk to Armand in Chapter 9 and agree to his offer
    • Unbound Possibilities: Complete every ending: Twilight of the All-Father, Twilight of the Great Wolf, A Momentary Escape, and complete Truth of the Gods. Once you have obtained all the Verdant Blossoms Talk to Armand in Chapter 9
    • Mid-Tier God: Complete Valkyrie Elysium on Normal difficulty
    • High-Tier God: Complete the game on Hard difficulty
    • Creator: Obtain every trophy

    That is all on Valkyrie Elysium Trophy Guide and how to unlock all of them. Let us know in the comment section below which guide should we cover next. To know about more guides like these, keep following Retrology.

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