V Rising save file and config file locations

    The game is available on Early Access, which implies it is still in production, but we played the beta and found that gamers may play for hundreds of hours without becoming bored. If you want to journey to the outermost reaches of the V Rising universe, all regions are accessible. V Rising is a fantastic survival game set in an open environment.

    As you play the game, you may wish to fiddle with the game’s config file to modify some parameters that aren’t accessible through the game’s options; therefore, you’ll need to know where the V Rising config file is located.

    V Rising Save File Location

    Players can install the V Rising saves by clicking on the File Explorer icon on their Taskbar and heading to This PC, then clicking on Local Disk (C:). Players should then select Users, followed by the name of the User.

    Click AppData after completing the previous step. If AppData does not appear, make sure Hidden Items is toggled by clicking View then Show. Select LocalLow from AppData, then Stunlock Studios. The V Rising Folder under Saves contains the save data. The Server Settings presets can also be found here. Players will see 14 Auto Save folders in their Saves folder, as well as their Session ID file, Server Game Settings file, and Server Host Settings file.

    V Rising Config File Location

    A word of caution before you decide to change the game’s configuration files. Anything you do will have an immediate influence on the game (positive or negative). After that, here’s how to locate V Rising’s config file.

    1. Type %appdata% in the Windows Key + R box.
    2. In Windows Navigation, select AppData.
    3. Go to Folder LocalLow > Stunlock Studios > VRising > Settings

    There are two files at this location. ClientSettings contains your game settings, whereas ServerHistory contains your server history. Notepad or any other text editor can be used to open the files.

    This is the end of the guide. More V Rising tutorials and tips can be found in the V Rising Category.

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