V Rising Blood Essence Guide – Get More Essence Quick

    V Rising is a survival-crafting MMORPG game that puts you in the shoes of a vampire that is trying to rebuild his lost empire. Many vampires fight to dominate the land. You can build your own castles, forts, and resource-farming machines to establish your territory. The game was released on May 17, 2022, and was developed by Stunlock Studios. V Rising is available on Steam for $19.99. In this guide, we’ll teach you what’s important about Blood Essence in V Rising.

    V Rising Blood Essence

    Blood Essence and Greater Blood Essence

    Blood Essence is an energy source distilled from blood. Vampires use it to control material, unlock sealed knowledge and convert humans into obedient servants. Greater Blood Essence requires a refinement time of 180 seconds. It requires four Unsullied Hearts to be crafted. You will need a Blood Press. The Blood Press describes the items you need for crafting. You will obtain the recipe for the Greater Blood Essence after you kill Tristan the Vampire Hunter, this special recipe will allow you to create Greater Blood Essence without the Unsullied Hearts.

    V Rising Blood Essence

    Unsullied Hearts

    Unsullied Hearts are consumables that can be consumed to gain a small amount of blood. It alters your blood type to frail. Some bosses have regular bosses but sometimes bosses will have larger mobs with 40-plus levels. These mobs have a higher chance of dropping an Unsullied Heart. You can get an Unsullied Heart from any creature but normally the drop rate is very low. You need to store the hearts until you have the right amount. Do not eat them!

    V Rising Blood Essence

    Blood Altar

    It would be very helpful if you build a blood altar. The blood altar allows you to track bosses. With the Blood Altar, you can also see what rewards will be given to you for defeating the boss. You will also get biography information and you will also see the boss’s level. The bosses you will encounter in the Blood Altar have a significantly higher chance of dropping an Unsullied Heart. Use the Blood Altar and find bosses to kill. Some of these could be Keely the Frost Archer or the Alpha Wolf.

    I hope this guide was helpful for you and you will obtain or create Greater Blood Essence in V Rising. To know about where to find and mine Copper Ore in V Rising or for more guides, keep following Retrology.

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