V Rising Beginner Tips

    Dive into a vast world teeming with mythical horrors and dangers. V rising is a new survival RPG multiplayer game. Developed and published by Stunlock Studios the game’s early access release date is 17th May 2022. Previously, we have also covered the save file and config file location for this game so be sure to check that out as well. In this guide, we will guide you on how to play the game if you are a beginner.

    Let’s get right into the V rising beginner tips.

    Create your own vampire

    You can create your own vampire by using the character creator that comes with the game. It is super simple and quickly gets the job done. After creating your character you are thrust into the tutorial graveyard.

    Tutorial Graveyard

    Here you will learn how to fight, gather materials and craft rudimentary tools.

    Building your Castle

    In V rising each player has to go ahead and build their own castle which is basically an estate. You can make it as large or small depending upon your choice. You can add gardens, throne rooms and even prison cells. The game gives you everything you need to have in order to build the bare bones castle like the walls, the flooring and the roof. However, after that, it is up to you to go out and discover new recipes, blueprints and all kinds of visuals.


    V rising beginner tips

    V rising heavily focuses on crafting and resource gathering as you need tons of materials in order to make progress. For example, you need to have 20 stones in order to make one brick and then each wall takes ten bricks. For everything, you will need to harvest, craft and then upgrade in order to unlock better stuff and make progress. Most of your skills are skill shots so you need to aim and land those spells or skills to deal the damage.


    V rising beginner tips

    You have weapons and then you have spells. The game has 4 weapons:

    • Sword
    • Dual axes
    • Greathammer
    • Spear.

    Spells are the crown jewel of V rising combat. When you begin V rising you will have some blood spells at your disposal. As you progress and defeat bosses you will unlock more spells. You have the frost spell, chaos spell, unholy spell and the illusion spell.

    The World

    V rising beginner tips

    Vardoran which is the world of V rising is really huge. The entry zone of fairbain woods is massive and it feels really alive and real. There are enemies and merchants walking the roads and then there are bosses who will just show up.

    Blood Units

    V rising beginner tips

    Early on in the game, you are going to unlock the blood altar. As you will defeat bosses you will consume their blood and this will give you new spells. You will also unlock crafting workstations, new recipes or even baseline vampire skills. These include:

    • New shape-shifting forms
    • The ability to pick out different blood types

    This is all on the V rising beginner tips guide. We also cover a lot of gaming and guides related content so check that out as well. For more content like this keep following Retrology.

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