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    Unlocking Lost Ark Astray Ship

    One of the must-have items in the game is a good ship that can sail you smoothly through the ominous seas of the Lost Ark. Astray Ship is one of the fastest and best ships to have in Lost Ark but it can be a tough sport to unlock it. However, you need not worry because we have a complete guide to help you secure it.

    Talking to Belrod

    First of all, the players need to talk to Belrod on Blackfang’s Den. After you head over there, he will require some materials along with a 10,000× Silver fee for the vessel’s construction. 

    Materials required

    Lost Ark Astray Ship

    Belrod will command you to acquire the following materials:

    • Astray Construction Blueprint ×1
    • Astray Operation Manual ×1
    • Certificate of Pirate ×1
    • Timber ×570
    • Uncommon Ship Parts Material ×375

    Gathering these unique items, ship components, and rare materials in Lost Ark may take you several weeks up to a month. Therefore the players must be set to invest a serious amount of time in the game. 

    Astray Construction Blueprint

    Lost Ark Astray Ship

    It will be awarded to players after reaching Reputation Level 3, in 12 days, repeating the Daily Quest “She Drifts, Sea Gifts”. It is very easy to complete; you just need to collect treasures in a sea event.

    Astray Operation Manual

    You will need to talk to NPC Mariner Rosa, and then an “exchange” window will show up. After it does, click Special Sales.

    Lost Ark Astray Ship

    You will come across a paper called Pirate Star: Astray. This is a necessary quest item that will unlock a quest. Buy this for 300, 000 Pirate Coins, and after completing the quest, you will get Astray Operation Manual.

    Certificate of Pirates

    Lost Ark Astray Ship

    Click on Reputation Status and search “Certificate of Pirates” on Una’s Tasks. You can see the quest “Pest Control”.

    This quest will be locked so you need to unlock it first. 

    Head over to Blackfang’s Den and go inside the house. Talk to a little girl, Ruri who will give you a quest “Catch the Rats”. To complete this quest, you just have to run around the coast and kill some rats. After you’re done, talk to Ruri again and it will unlock the Pest Control so you can go to the menu and accept it.

    In order to actually get through Pest Control, you need to kill the pirates that will keep propagating every 10-15 minutes on the island.

    Material for Uncommon Ship Parts 

    Lost Ark Astray Ship

    Head over to the market. Under sailing, you will find ship materials. To get all the 375 pieces of these, we will need about 1000 Lost Ark gold. Therefore you need to earn pirate coins beforehand. 


    Lost Ark Astray Ship

    You can chop these by yourself or just get some from the market. Under Trader, you can see Logging Loot, and then Timber on the right. Click this. You will need 570 pieces. Fortunately, these are not too expensive to get. 

    Go back to Belrod

    After you have all the materials, go back to Belrod, the shipbuilder, and hand them over to him. He will build the ship for you. 

    This is how you can unlock the most efficient and damage-resistant Astray ship in Lost Ark. For more helpful content on Lost Ark or for more guides, follow Retrology.

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