Uncle from Another World: Release Date, Total Episodes, Plot

    The manga “Uncle from Another World,” by Hotondo Shindeiru, tells the story of the outcome of an Isekai. The first trailer for its anime adaptation was revealed and it is nothing short of amusing!

    Release Date

    Based on the information given in the trailer, the anime adaptation will air in July 2022.


    Uncle from Another World is a story about Takafumi’s uncle who wakes up from his coma after 17 years. Takafumi discovers that while in his coma, his uncle was actually living in another world as a hero. Takafumi must now take care of his magical and video game-enthusiast uncle. Naturally, he must also tell his uncle of all the developments that take place in the world.

    Meanwhile, he also deals with his uncle’s stories about his life there. In the trailer, we find out that his uncle had met a “tsundere” elf there who followed him around. However, his uncle had no idea what a “tsundere” was as he went into a coma before the term got popular. He thought of the way she treated him as mere “abuse,” not knowing that many people would consider him lucky for experiencing it.

    Total Episodes

    The number of episodes has not been announced yet. Stay tuned to receive an update when it is made public.


    The main cast includes Koyasu Takehito who plays Uncle (also played Zeke from Attack on Titan) and Fukuyama Jun who plays Takafumi (also played Lelouch Lamperouge from Code Geass). Other characters of note are Elf (Haruka Tomatsu), Alicia (Toyosaki Aki), Mabel(Yuuki Aoi), and Fujimiya (Mikako Komatsu).

    KADOKAWA is the producer and Studio Atelier Pontdarc handles the animation of this anime.

    While you wait for Uncle from Another World to start, be sure to check out the Spring 2022 anime. For more content like this, keep following Retrology.

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