GamingPvPUltimate Guide for Ken in Street Fighter 6

    Ultimate Guide for Ken in Street Fighter 6

    The ultimate fight saga of Street Fighter has its next legendary series coming in the following year. In Street Fighter 6, the fans can’t wait to see the updates, new releases, and more challenging fights. Here, I have gathered all the details of Ken Masters. In this Street Fighter 6 Ken guide, I will help you to know the latest updates about Ken.

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    Street Fighter 6: Ken

    Street Fighter 6: Ken
    Street Fighter 6: Ken

    An old friend and a rival of Ryu are here will all-new fighting skills. And more powerful than before. The redesign of Ken has given him more respect than an opponent. He has large coats. sweat pants and boots along show the ideal dressing of a gangster. The new hairstyle with light brown hairs on his face shows gave him a proper style that suits him.

    Along with these new changes, there are updates in his fight skills and mechanics. His fighting style is enhanced in 3D. But the old rule remains – the riskier, the more powerful. The interesting part begins now- fight mechanics.

    Ken’s Fighting Mechanics

    Ken's Fighting Mechanics
    Ken’s Fighting Mechanics

    Let’s start with the core and get to the details.

    Quick Dash

    This core move is amazing the Street Fight 5. It’s amazing because Ken will perform two different Kicks as per the button you press. For this Ken needs to run a bit, then you can press the Kick button you want to perform.


    To cancel the run, you can use Low Kick to strop Ken. For Medium Kick, you can use his classic head-over kick aka Thunder Kick. For a powerful kick, you can use Heavy Kick after Quick Dash. This will perform the Forward Step Kick. This will no more crush the rival. But cancel all his moves.

    Super Arts

    Ken Level 1 Super Art, Dragonfly Flame is the most destructive move Ken has. Shippu Jinrai-kyaku is the second best as it’s the best one for the callback of the Third Strike. And ends the fight with different moves combos.

    Shinryu Reppa is amazing as well. The Street Fight 6 Ultra, is similar to the one Sean used when he has o low health rate.

    Changes and Updates in Ken

    Changes and Updates in Ken
    Changes and Updates in Ken

    Well, fans’ expectations haven’t been fulfilled in Street Fighter 6. Yes! Ken doesn’t have flames in his punch. But the good news is that he can do Shoryuken with Heavy Punch with fire-bursting fists.

    Ken’s moves and punches have gone advanced to have flames. The Overdrive level of moves can get you the flames you want at the cost of one bar from the Drive Gauge. And a great update is that Ken can give special punches at the run. Ken can perform Quick Dash with a Shoryuken with flames on his fists.

    His broad feets got power too. Along with Tatsumaki Senpu-kyaku (back quarter circle + any Kick), there are two more kick-ass moves – Dragonlash Kick (forward Shoryuken Input + any Kick) and Jinrai Kick (forward quarter circle + any Kick).

    Dragonlash Kick is great at undertaking the opponent. And is a mid-range attack move. It Overdrive version makes the rival bounce. And he can shift spots with the rival as well. Whereas Jinrai Kick is a Eureka attack that will determine which next move you choose. The forward Low Kick will get the enemy block crouching. And the forward Medium Kick will be block standing.

    Play as Ken in Street Fighter 6

    Play as Ken in Street Fighter 6
    Play as Ken in Street Fighter 6

    There are great moves on Ken’s hands. I have got you the best combos to use against your rival to bring him to the ground.

    • Drive Rush is best when the opponent’s health is 50% or less.
    • Use Shoryuken after an enhanced Dragonlash Kick at the expense of one bar at the Drive Gauge.
    • Use all three Super Arts to give a sufficient amount of damage. Or use the Shoryuken and cancel it into Shinryu Reppa.
    • You can give damage of 50% with these combos. Jumping Heavy Kick, down Heavy Punch, canceled into Drive Rush, Medium Punch, Heavy Punch, Quick Dash canceled into Dragonlash Kick (which will be enhanced), and Shinryu Reppa. You can surely attain it fully with practice.
    • Use Ken’s fireball Hadouken to zone out your enemy. And also when you need to approach him more quickly.
    • Ken’s Shoryuken is to black any moves from enemies side. But be careful with its Overdrive version.

    These are just a few moves I have listed for you. Street Fighter Ken guide has detailed most of the moves with its best combos to use. Dont forget to practice them all. For more guides, check the Guides section on Retrology.

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