Ready or Not Guide for Beginners

    Ready or Not is an intense tactical, first-person shooter game. The game depicts the modern-day world in which SWAT units are called to tackle dangerous situations. The game is published and developed by VOID Interactive and was released on 18th December 2021. It has had overwhelmingly positive reviews and players love the game-play and visuals of the game. Let’s get started with the Ready or Not Guide for beginners.

    C2 Charges

    When you place a C2 charge on a door it does a lot of things. Firstly, it blows away the door and it concussed anyone else in the room as well. It also kills the person standing right against the door. Be a little careful though because if there is a civilian close to the door it will kill them. Mirror behind the door before placing the C2 charge.

    Grenade throw

    When you are holding up your hand against where you want to throw, the very tip of your thumb is the vertical axis of the grenade. The very tip of your pointy finger is your horizontal axis. Running a line from your horizontal and vertical axis where they meet is where your grenade will go.

    Wedge the doors

    If you have a three or two men team this is very important. A lot of the time there are multiple doors that you can approach. This is a big danger for your team. Get one of your guys to bring door wedges and wedge two or three doors so that any suspects don’t attack you out of the blue.

    Low Ready

    To move a little faster, put Low Ready to shift because gamers usually press shift sprint more often. However, be careful while doing this because you don’t want to move around a corner in Low Ready.


    You have about 10 ChemLights each. When going on a mission make sure to drop ChemLights in each room that you have totally cleared.

    Battering Ram is better than Shot Gun

    They both do the same thing but the battering ram opens a door all the way whereas the shotgun does not do that.

    Don’t stand in front of doors

    Make sure when you are interacting with the door, you do not stand in front of the door because if an AI on the other side suspects you it will shoot you through the door. Just try to stand to the side.


    The recoil in this game is very crazy. If you are struggling with recoil just ditch the assault rifles for now and use SMG’s. SMG’s are relatively easier to shoot with.

    Two Teams

    When there is a dual entrance to a team you can actually give cues to your team. Set up blue team on one door and red team on the other. Hold shift to cue orders. Select all teams and then execute the order.

    Keep prepping rooms

    Every member of your team will have some sort of utility grenade. It can be a flash, a stinger or a gas grenade. Use these grenades as often as you can especially paired with a mirror gun. You just want to prep rooms to make them safe for you to breach in through those doors.

    This is all on Ready or Not Guide for Beginners. For more guides like this keep following Retrology!

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