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    Tower of Fantasy Gacha System Guide

    A gacha game encourages players to pay in-game money in order to acquire a randomly selected in-game object, similar to loot boxes. Tower of Fantasy is the most recent gacha game to be released by Perfect World. You can learn more about the Gacha system Tower of Fantasy follows in this guide.

    If you’re new to playing Tower of Fantasy, do check out our weapon guide for beginners to help you out in the initial part of the game.

    Gacha System Guide in Tower of Fantasy

    We first need to understand the different in-game currencies used in Tower of Fantasy before we can discuss the Gacha concept.

    • Rainbow Gems can be obtained by spending real money in games.
    • Black Gems can only be obtained from events, doing your dailies, completing achievements, and from auction houses.
    • Gold Orbs can be spent directly to pull in the gacha game.
    • Purple Orbs can be used as a second weapon gacha.

    The Gacha System in Tower of Fantasy

    Special Order Banners

    Since the game has not yet been launched, there are currently no Special Order banners available. Keep checking back for updates once the game launches on August 10, 2022!

    Choice Weapons

    With each pull of the Choice Weapons Banner, players receive unlimited weapons. With this banner’s pity system, your 80th roll will result in a guaranteed SSR weapon. Additionally, if you received an SSR during those 80 rolls, it won’t reset, so if you’re fortunate, you might even receive multiple SSRs.

    • SSR Weapons: 0.75%(Guaranteed: 80 Special Orders)
    • SR Weapons: 0.75%(Guaranteed: 10 Special Orders)
    • R Weapons: 91.4%
    • High-Efficiency Energy Battery: 6.85%

    Choice Matrices

    For each pull, the Choice Matrices Banner delivers non-limited matrices that you can equip to your weapons. Additionally, it contains a pity system that promises an SSR matrix in less than 40 rolls. Similar to the Choice Weapons Banner, if an SSR occurs in between your 40 rolls, the pity will not reset.

    • SSR Matrix: 1.7%(Guaranteed: 40 Special Orders)
    • SR Matrix: 7.5%(Guaranteed: 10 Special Orders)
    • R Matrix: 90.8%

    Gacha Categories

    There are a total of 2 Gacha categories in Tower of Fantasy.

    1. Weapon Gacha
    2.  Gadget Gacha

    The varied SSR or SRS rates you can obtain distinguish the 2 Weapon Gacha banners. In the Weapon Gacha, you can also purchase components for weapon upgrading and ascension.

    The first weapon banner requires Gold Orbs to roll, and after pulling 80 times, you will receive material that you can spend to create the SSR weapon of your choice. This is the in-game Pity System.

    First Weapon Gacha

    The First Weapon Gacha’s success percentages are as follows:

    • SSR: 2.2%
    • SR: 12.5%
    • R: 38.3%
    • Miscellaneous or ascension and enhancement materials

    You will obtain one of the four exclusive characters with their respective weapons and elements when you receive an SSR pull. These characters operate as in-game skins that can only be obtained through the Gacha pull and not through the pity system.

    Second Weapon Banner

    Purple Orbs are used by the second weapon banner, which does not have a pity system. The rates are as follows:

    • SSR: 0.3%
    • SR: 3.5%
    • R: 20%
    • Miscellaneous or ascension and enhancement materials

    Gadget Gacha

    The Gadget Gacha is the following Gacha system. These are the drop rates:

    • SSR: 1.8%
    • SR: 14%
    • R: 20%
    • Miscellaneous or gadget materials

    You will receive a randomly selected SR Gadget box or SSR Gadget box after pulling 25 or more times.

    That is all about the Tower of Fantasy Weapons Guide. Let us know in the comment section below about your gacha pulls went and if luck was on your side. For more gaming guides, keep following Retrology.

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